I Spy…Revlon PhotoReady Palettes & Sally Hansen Winter Holiday Nail Strips

Talk about a double-edged sword! As a merchandiser, I work in retail stores. Not just one but many. And, while I adore being able to find new stuff, it also makes it hard to not purchase that stuff. Today I managed to keep my pocketbook in my car.

But, I did spy some cool things. This Revlon display caught my eye and I hadn’t even started looking! I was merchandising my products, which so happen to be right by the Harmon Department at a Christmas Tree Shops…

My cell phone camera doesn’t pick up the richness of the colors. However, except for a compelling packaging, I am sure I have dupes of these shades in my hundreds of shadow palettes and mineral shadows, at home. That’s how I reason with myself to not make a purchase. I am, actually, saving up for the Makeup Show next month.

My car went by Walgreens on the way home. I had to check to see what they had that I could possibly pass up. Yes, I was torturing myself…

Good heavens! Halloween is 4 weeks away and I spied Christmas nail strips. Sigh. Well, these are cute. I’m just not ready to start wearing Winter holiday stuff yet.

The elf Disney Villain palettes have been very successful. I reviewed all three on different posts:

Cruella Palette

Evil Queen Palette

Maleficent Palette

Now I find some simply horrid candy to go along with them. There are two more female villains to menace you. Seriously, I think that is poisonous candy. Yuck!!!…

I’m still good at keeping my dollars in my pocket. But I’m chomping at the bit for the Makeup Show to get here November 3 and 4.

I Spy…L’oreal Nudes and Sock Monkeys

We don’t move from one season to the next here in Orlando. We move from hot, hotter and hottest seasons. Right now it is hottest, but WHOOPIEEE hotter is on the way!! How do I know? I am starting to see Fall and Halloween stuff in the stores. Get your butts on back to school, kids! The Holidays are coming and so are the products!

I saw this at the Dollar Tree this week. Sort of freaky, exotic and out there…

Even if it is pretend, I don’t think I want to create a look of spiders crawling out of my eyes!!! EEK!

L’oreal wants us to get nude. Nude makeup, that is…

I’m not a nude sort of (makeup) gal. I like color! But, there are some nice taupes and browns in these collections. I discovered these at Walgreens.

It took ALL of my willpower to not purchase these!!!….

I found these mini sets of Kleancolor polishes at Ross Dress For Less. It was only the vision of two boxes of unswatched polishes sitting in my office that kept me from buying these. I couldn’t seem to stop imagining a cute little knick-knack shelf to display the Kleancolor babies. The photos are fuzzing not only because I was using my phone camera but because I was truly quivering over finding these. My heart just skipped a couple of beats reliving this.

Now, this is something I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to go back and get…

These cuties I found at Claire’s. And these, below, I stumbled upon at Big Lots…

Which one do you like best? I like the middle one that is supposed to be a pumpkin!

Are you as ready as I am for some Fall stuff? I’m ready for just the hot temperature, or season, that is!!