Toss or Trash: November 2014 Part II

I’m clearing out and making room and, I love it! I’m finishing up lots and lots of products. These nail polish remover pads from L.A. Colors were awesome!…

DSCF0043 DSCF0044


Even though it states that they are strawberry scented, these still smell like nail polish remover. But, if they are not the hardest working polish remover pads, I don’t know what is! I actually had to use about two to three per removal only because they are rather small but, this formula didn’t dry my cuticles out one bit. I’ll pick up more when I can find them.

With no doubt, my hair has gone through a huge change since leaving Florida and moving to Colorado. I’ve been trying lots of different moisturizing products in my quest for soft tresses….

DSCF0002 DSCF0003 DSCF0004

I was lured into thinking Tresemme’s Liquid Gold Shine Therapy would make my hair shimmery-golden. Not really. And, it didn’t give me any moisture either. The only thing it did do was keep my hair from becoming overly frizzy. However, Bath and Body Works White Citrus Shower Gel is still one of my favorite BBW fragrance. And, their washes never dry out my skin. That one I’ll replace.

I was giving this Avon lipstick sample with my last order of Moisture Effect Eye Makeup Remover (one of my very favorite eye makeup removers and I highly recommend). Take a look at what the sample looks like after just ONE try…

DSCF0018 DSCF0020 DSCF0019


The product is so soft that it just mushed up! Trust me, I’m not a Messy Marvin with my makeup but this was ridiculous.  I think the name is ‘Pink Flush’ but I don’t know which line it is from. As much as I love the color, this lippie not only had a problem staying in the tube, it roamed around my lips as well! Too messy so, I threw it away.

Earlier this summer, I got this free sample of Urban Decay’s Vitamin Infusion Complexion Prep Spray. Sadly, I just didn’t find that this spray added anything to my skin. My pores didn’t seem to be minimized nor did my makeup become less shiny throughout the day…



My makeup didn’t seem to, noticeably, last longer, either. If you have used this, I’d love to know what your experience has been.

I’m really on a roll using up products. I’m looking for bottles and tubes that are almost used up and grabbing them to finish eyeing a spot for them in the Toss or Trash feature. In my quest to find such items, I discovered a bottle of Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength LIne-Reducing Concentrate I had. I have just finished up my last bottle and knew I trip to Kiehl’s was in order. However, finding this backup bottle saved me almost $60 that I didn’t need to spend! Plus, I found a couple of bottle of Suave body lotion that I caught on sale earlier this year so I didn’t need to replace any of those.

What was the last beauty product you used up?

LA Colors: Neutral Shadow Holiday Palette

I only waited a few days before I went back to Walgreens and purchased the L.A. Colors Neutral Shadow Holiday Palette after I swatched the Bright Shadow Holiday Palette…

DSCF0037 DSCF0039

I am still enamored by the bright palette and have been mixing it in with all sorts of other palettes, indy minerals and cream shadows. I mean, makeup lovers will always play! So, for less than a the cost of a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte, why not spend $3 and get the neutrals?…


For years, I used only neutrals and then, the vibrant ’80’s hit and it was joker’s wild on whatever bold color you wanted to wear. So, I put aside wearing brown clothes and brown shadows. And even though I don’t wear the same looks as I did in the 80’s, it wasn’t until I started beauty blogging that I got back into wearing neutral shadows much at all.
So, when I found the newest L.A. Colors Holiday palettes at Walgreens a few weeks ago, it was easy for me to pick the bright colors over the neutrals. However, the performance of those shadows blew me away and I practically ran back to get the neutral palette. For 24 neutral shades, there are plenty here without any repeats…

DSCF0040 DSCF0041 DSCF0042

Just as a side note….does anyone else think that pale blue looks out of place? I’m happy to have it but, it seems odd in the midst of taupes/browns/grays…


Anyway…I was excited to begin swatching. Here are some random picks I chose…

Neutral LA Color swatches

Although my photos were all out of focus, I can assure you that the colors I picked were very pigmented. The lighter color shadows are are soft yet, they blend in quite wonderfully with the darker shades.

I’m more apt to lean towards a smoky eye look with this palette than to seek out a soft tone, neutral look. However, for those fans of neutral, you will love this one. No, it’s not as great as the better-known nude palettes we have been seeing but, I was not disappointed at all with what I got with L.A. Colors Neutral Holiday palette. And, if you want to get a gift for a friend that is just starting to venture into makeup or, likes more subtle looks, this one is sure to delight.

Have you tried the neutral palette from L.A. Colors? Is this a nude palette that you would try?

LA Colors: Bright Shadow Holiday Palette

Walgreen’s is not keeping their Holiday makeup up on those high storage shelves for very long. The two stores in my town have put the makeup sets and kits out on the display shelves at the front of the cosmetics department and have the Holiday perfume and bath sets waiting up on those high shelves. Fine with me!!! I like the Holiday makeup being more at eye level! Here’s one of my first Holiday makeup buys; For a measly $3, I took a chance on this LA Colors 28 shade bright palette…

DSCF0016 DSCF0017 DSCF0018

The display had two different palettes; this one with brights and another one with neutrals. Keep reading and you’ll see why I went back and got the neutrals.

I love to photograph ‘virgin’ makeup before I swatch it. The unspoiled, pristine blocks of color make me happy. I don’t know why, but it’s so beautiful to admire. Maybe I am weird but, I used to do that with new boxes of crayons when I was a kid too…

DSCF0019 DSCF0020 DSCF0021 DSCF0025 DSCF0022 Now that I have preserved the untouched look of the palette with photos, it’s a bit easier for me to move on to swatching. And, when I purchase these lower cost palettes, I know it’s hit or miss as to how they will perform. I also have to figure in, how many of these shadows have to be ‘hits’ in order for me to feel like I not only wasted a bit of money but also, that I haven’t wasted my time on getting it set up for a blog review. In other words, I fear I will be let down.

Hooray!!! This LA Colors palette didn’t diappoint! I did just random swatches on my arm using shadow primer and swabs…

DSCF0027 DSCF0026


I can tell you that the glittery shadows really have some sparkle going on. There’s tons of shimmer as well. And, even though there is fallout with many of the shadows, all the colors do deliver. I have been playing with this palette all weekend and have found every shade to be blendable and pigmented. None are chalky. There’s no way I can tell you that these will compete with high-end or, even middle of the road, makeup. But, for just $3, only the very most persnickety will feel they didn’t get their money’s worth.

When I got a free rental code for Redbox this weekend, I made my trip very economical by going back to Walgreens and picking up the other LA Colors palette. As I await for sunny skies to photograph that palette, I’m enjoying all the fun combos I’m creating with this bright one. Oh, and these work really well with the Profusion palettes that I reviewed earlier too.

Do you see any colors that you like? Do you know anyone that likes to play with shadows and can see this in their Christmas stocking?

Moody Nudes Palette from L A Colors

I do go bananas for palettes. Mostly shadow palettes. I still remember my very first one; a Maybelline one. Truthfully, I remember sitting outside on our porch just gazing at all the colors. It was probably a 10 color palette. It was around 1978 and it was just rocking my teen world!

Now, Winter Holidays get me excited to see what makeup palettes there will be. There wasn’t a shortage of them, was there!?!!! So many cheapy ones; I knabbed right away. This one was at Rite Aid…

auto curler swatches 267 auto curler swatches 268I didn’t realize it until right now that this palette does have a name: Moody Nudes. I think that is because the one other set was lots of brights. But, this one suits me just fine. I am drooling like a teen over these shades…

auto curler swatches 269 auto curler swatches 270 auto curler swatches 271 auto curler swatches 272 auto curler swatches 280


Since this was only $2, if they payoff wasn’t there, I wasn’t going to really be sad. I think I got better than a $2 thrill just taking some fun photos of them.

Yet, I can’t say I’m too disappointed…

auto curler swatches 290 auto curler swatches 289Just some randomly chosen swatches. I used the sponge applicator that came with the set. So yes, there is some fallout. And, as with many inexpensive (and we have found some not so cheap) black shadows, patchiness. However, I am pleasantly surprised that most of these shades actually do blend out fairly nicely. There are two factors that I think went a long way in making this L A Colors palette get better than just a passing grade: One is that I used a shadow primer when I worked with these on my own lids. And two, I use nicer quality brushes. I ditched that sponge applicator after the swatch shoot! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done and have seen some wickedly done looks with those spongy things. What I am trying to say is that you might not be able to get quality shadows, or any makeup for that matter, because of circumstances. But, always try to get the best brushes you can afford.

Even the kicked up dust was pretty…

auto curler swatches 293

Do you agree with my opinion on saving for good quality makeup brushes? Now, a really hard question: Do you remember your first eye shadow palette?