Replace or Reject: The March Edition, Part 1

The Toss or Trash segment has been a tradition at the Vanity for over 3-1/2 years. I am changing the name to Replace or Reject to more clearly reflect the final outcome of my empties or, in some instances, a flat out rejection of a product. I’m not holding back either!

For March, I did very well with finishing up products. For this review, I picked these three to start off…



First, on the left, is a lip balm from Bath and Body Works…DSCF0002 DSCF0003

Let me say that this balm never smelled like honey or apples and it turned bad, anyway, since I never reached for it, in the first place. It’s a hard balm too. After discovering Soft Lips balms, reviewed here, I decided I don’t have to put up with hard lip balms anymore. And, since I turned my family members onto Soft Lips, as well, I can’t pass this Bath and Body Works stick off onto them.

This did have a slight tint to it. I had to make sure I didn’t color outside of the lines with stick!



Next, I tried the Simple Ultra-Light Gel Moisturizer. I used up almost all of this product in hopes that it would work for me. There was about 2/5 left when I decided that it wasn’t going to happen and deemed it a reject.

Now, the product is very good but, just not for my skin type which is normal to dry. I need more moisturizing properties than this Simple product provides. I would recommend it for those that have oily skin. I did find the gel texture to be too sticky for my preference.

Last is the Instant Youth Potion. I reviewed this as part of the ZMask set here. Since I have dedicated this year to using up or, purging products, I started using the Instant Youth Potion every day. I did use it for my morning routine as it has some skin-tightening properties. I liked how it smoothed out my fine lines almost instantly. This potion isn’t truly a Reject, as I wouldn’t mind using it again. However, since there are so many other products I have to use up and, Instant Youth Potion isn’t easily purchased at a store, I have no plans on replacing it.

Have you been doing good with purging at your own Vanity? Which of these products have you used?

Toss or Trash: It’s Been A While But I Have A Pile

It’s been a while since I blogged a Toss or Trash post. I’ve been saving up my empties and putting them in a box. This weekend I went to look for something and I found two boxes full of trash! Yuck! I photographed these and got them out of the house!!!

Let’s start with the hair products. I just finished up L’Oreal’s EverStrong Overnight Hair Repair Treatment. I love that stuff! And, I’m going to miss it. I gave up buying L’Oreal products this year.  I am choosing to stop purchasing from, at least, one company a year that continues to test on animals. Thus, I won’t be replacing any of the L’Oreal haircare products that I have used for so long. And that includes the Total Repair 5 shampoo and conditioner. Here, you see that I finished the conditioner. As much as I love these two products, I love animals more…


Suave’s Moroccan Deep Conditioner has made my hair super soft. And, the smell is lovely!!!! I found that I needed to use a lot of it for my hair to turn out soft though. I couldn’t be stingy and still get my wide-tooth comb through my hair. All in all, I would say that all of these are trash, meaning I would buy them again. But, since L’Oreal and I have parted ways, these won’t get replaced with same. And the Moroccan Conditioner was just OK. I am placing that in the trash column. (Yes, I know Suave is made by Unilever who still tests on animals.)

Next up are two spray leave-in conditioners…


I purchased both of these over 2 years ago at a beauty show in Orlando. It’s funny how both of them became empty at about the same time.

First, Black 15 in 1 is a brand I had high hopes for. When I purchased this leave-in conditioner, I also purchased the shampoo and conditioner by that brand. Of the three, I did like the leave-in conditioner the most but, it is not a product that blew me away. I have no intention of repurchasing it…


I have quite a love affair with leave-in conditioners. As I have aged, my hair is getting thinner and becomes dried out faster. I knew this was coming as I saw it happening to my mother. At least I am working on being proactive and treating my hair the best that I can. 12 Benefits leave-in conditioner is a winner because I feel that it helps keep my hair healthy. I would repurchase this one if I knew where I could readily pick it up. However, I have never seen it in any store or salon that I have visited…


Next are the face products. Kiehl’s is my go-to brand. They give out samples and that’s what wins me over. I used Avon’s Anew line from the beginning, however, when I went to a blogger event at Nordstrom’s and Kiehl’s gave their demonstrations and I took home samples, that’s all it took for me to fall hook, line and sinker! I won’t lie; the Midnight Recovery Concentrate is expensive. This bottle is $70 and it’s only 1.7 ounces. It does last me a year, though. I use about 5 to 6 drops per night. When I am not testing out another product for a review, Midnight Recovery Concentrate is my best and favorite love.

Reviva Labs Vitamin E Stick was a discovery from doing a review for them. This simple little balm stick does a lot of different jobs. I use it on my lips and all around my mouth, for my dry cuticles and I will rub some of it under my eyes when I feel like my skin is especially dry there. I also put it on pimples so they don’t scar. For $2.50, you get a work horse! I have already replaced this as I don’t want to be without it. Now, for Avon’s Lip Treatment…


OK, this stuff is great! What is not great is that I had to swipe my finger in it to use it. I know I could have used a Q-tip (too hairy) or a lip brush (too much of a hassle at bedtime) but, it just got to be gross. And, since I have medium-length nails, it really got to be a hassle towards the bottom of the jar. And, I think this little, bitty jar lasted me like over 2 years!!! It just couldn’t be used up!!!! I was so happy to finally finish it! As much as I liked how it worked on my lips and kept them moist, I don’t like the packaging so I will not be repurchasing this. Look, the label didn’t even last as long as the product!…


I moved from Orlando to Denver last year and came out here before my husband. He stayed behind for several months to not only pack up our house but to deal with selling it and all that. When he told me he went to Bath and Body Works and asked for empty boxes to pack all my products from them, and they gave him CASES so he could pack up all my candles, lotions and potions from them, I was shamed into facing the fact that I owned my own B&BW!!! I have diligently worked on not only reducing my inventory but also, not so readily buying their new fragrances every season. Here’s what I have used up in the past few months…


But, don’t you just LOVE getting those minis to try out fragrances!!!! I do! And, their Stress Relief body wash and lotion are stables at the vanity. That’s a good thing!!! I loved all of these fragrances. The ‘Be Enchanted’ was a hot passion for me when it first came out too.

Last, are the body and hand lotions…


La Source is from Evelyn and Crabtree and I love their hand lotions. There was an outlet store I visited often when I lived in Orlando so I had quite a few of these around. Now I’m seeing the end of them and miss that store! If you are looking for a very moisturizing hand lotion with instant results, you will want to get yourself La Source. There’s not much of a fragrance to this one; it’s busy being therapeutic!!!

Proclaim’s Coconut & Macadamia Nut Oil hand lotion didn’t smell as nice as I thought it would. Coming from Sally’s Beauty Supply, I thought it would be a winner. But, I won’t be seeking to replace this one just because it wasn’t all that great.

Jergen’s BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream lotion smells very nice. And, I liked how it made my skin soft. But, that’s about all it did. So, there’s no ‘illuminating’ and ‘firming’ like the claims state. I’m rather disappointed too.

Have you tried any of these products? See any that you want to try out?

Covergirl’s Natureluxe Lip Balm: Hibiscus

Finally, warmer days here in Colorado! I have been itchin’ to sit out on my porch and wind down my days. But, I don’t do it without some SPF going on. And that means for my lips too. This is Covergirl’s Natureluxe Gloss Balm…

DSCF0069 DSCF0070


It’s equal parts a gloss and a balm, making my lips hydrated and yet with just a little bit of color. They are touting a 15 SPF, which isn’t much, but it’s better than nothing. You still gotta protect any exposed skin!

I chose ‘Hibiscus’ because it is the cutest Summer pink shade…

DSCF0071 DSCF0072With mango, shea and other natural butters, you can bet this balm gliiiiiides on smoothly. You are trading a bit of color for a creamy texture but this is perfectly OK when you only want a hint of color. If I’m out and it’s rather warm, I don’t want a heavy lipstick on. Covergirl’s Natureluxe gloss balm is just the thing…


There is still enough color that you will want to apply it like a lipstick rather than like a no-color balm, though. That means, you’ll want to color within the lines!…

covergirl lippie no sun covergirl lippieThis gloss balm’s packaging is sleek and doesn’t take up a lot of room. So don’t hesitate to pop it into your picnic basket, beach bag or capri’s pocket this Summer.

I picked this balm up at Walgreen’s for around $4. Have you picked up yours yet?

Softlips: Cube Lip Protectant With Sunscreen

This is Softlips new product: a cube.   I got this just a couple of days ago. I wanted to try it as soon as I heard about it…



I love their sticks and I wasn’t disappointed by this little cutie…



I went with the traditional mint flavor…



This lip balm does it all:




While I would like a lip balm with a higher SPF than 15, especially if I was outside for more than 10 minutes, this one is fine for indoor use and going to and from my car. These ingredients make the product glide on even nicer than their stick balms and I didn’t think that was possible!…

DSCF0008 DSCF0009


Where Softlips competitor has a round package, this one is way too hip to be called a square…

DSCF0011 DSCF0012


The balm has a cool mint feel and makes my lips feel completely soothed and smooth. Springtime in Denver means chapped and dried lips for me. Now I have something that will keep all that at bay. This was around $2.50 at Walgreens. They also had a vanilla flavor as well as a blueberry pomegranate one.

I offered this up to my husband who has chapped lips year-round. I turned him on to Softlips stick and he liked it much better than Chapstick because it is creamier. He liked this one too.

ave you seen Softlips new cube?

Jordana: Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain

When there are new makeup products to look for in the stores, sometimes I overlook the ‘core’ or, products that are a permanent part of a product line. Jordana is such a brand that I forget about. In the Walgreens stores that I have been to, Jordana has a permanent placement at the beauty department’s checkout stand. So, after reading in other beauty blogs about Jordana’s Balm Stain, I decided it was time to see for myself.

Chubby pencils are trendy! Are companies trying to ‘out-chub’ each other? Jordana’s ‘Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain’ is part of their permanent or, core items, so they are not joining in on the trend. They have been on trend!..

DSCF0323 DSCF0326There was not a ton of different colors however, I think they cover the basic lip shades. I picked out ‘Honey Love’ and yes, it is love!…



For a measly few dollars, you are getting a heck of a deal with ‘Twist and Shine’. I really do wish I would have tried out Jordana earlier. This balm is exactly as it says: Shine, balm, and stain. Oh, and I can’t forget moisturizing! That’s everything I would want in a lip product!

DSCF0327 DSCF0328‘Honey Love’ is a softly muted mauve. For my skin tone, this is a classic shade. It’s definitely the go-to color for me, because it is appropriate for any occasion. And, darn it, it looks good on my lips!…


And now that I know that all the things I have been reading about Jordana’s moisturizing balm stain are true, next time I don’t find that new makeup product on the feature shelves, a tried and true product is right where it always has been, all along.

You’ve been wearing Jordana’s Moisturizing Balm Stain for a while, haven’t you? Do you find it comparable to other drugstore balms? I sure did!

Tidbit: I celebrated my move-iversary a couple of weeks ago. I have been a resident of Colorado for a full year now. This is my second winter and I still love winter. Granted, this has been a mild winter for Colorado but, the snowfall here is the prettiest. I’m still loving it. However, the dry humidity has made it a necessity to keep my lips covered. ‘Twist & Shine’ fits the bill…beautifully!



Why In The World Would You Put Chicken Poop On Your Lips?!

This is me with Chicken Poop on my lips…

notd poop lots of swatches haul 075Wait! Before you click out, I can explain!!!

I found ‘Chicken Poop: Lip Junk’. Wouldn’t that make you curious?…

notd poop lots of swatches haul 051And before I could mentally hear my Mom say ‘Put that down!’ I read this part…

notd poop lots of swatches haul 052So, why do you ask that it is called ‘Chicken Poop’?…

notd poop lots of swatches haul 053I can’t remember who told me this, but I remember some family elder telling me this because I always had chapped lips. Demented, I know. (Starting to get the picture, eh?)

So, before you run away in disgust, check out these fine ingredients…

notd poop lots of swatches haul 054See? It’s all good!…

notd poop lots of swatches haul 058You might think that this would have a strong fragrance, however, it is very light. And it is soft on the lips. My lips stayed smooth for some time after applying this.

So, yes…I would recommend ‘Chicken Poop’ to you!!

I found this at The Christmas Tree Shops for $2.59. I even got my friend one for Christmas. She said she liked it too.

Two, last reasons to like ‘Chicken Poop’: Their 800# has POOP in it and, they make this stuff in Wichita, Kansas. That’s were I went to college! Check out the other fun stuff they have here.

Nature’s Care: Paw Paw Lip Balm

There were many international beauty companies at the Cosmoprof Show in Las Vegas last weekend. I enjoyed visiting with these vendors as they were very passionate and eager to share their products with the US Consumers.

I had the privilege of meeting Steve Collett, General Manager, of Nature’s Care. This is a company that is said to be well-known in Australia and is beginning to branch out to the States with their Paw Paw adult & baby skin care series.

Steve gave me this product from their line to try out…

This is ‘Paw Paw’ lip balm. If you like papayas, then this lip balm and the entire Paw Paw line is going to delight you.

Of course I smelled the balm as soon as I opened it! Yep, it is papayas! And not an over-powering smell either, but that sweet, waif of fragrance. I didn’t hesitate to put it on my lips. This balm is not sticky or tacky. It felt like just the right amount of ‘slip’. My lips are in the normal to a just slightly dry range while I live in humid Florida. But, they can become very dried out when I’m not in my home state. During the Holidays, I have to have my lip balm with me when I visit family in Colorado. But, I will not wait to use my Paw Paw lip balm til then. It’s awesome right now!

Nature’s Care is coming to the States already knowing what we like to see in our beauty/skin care products; natural and healthy ingredients. All of their products are made in Australia. Don’t think we are the only country that doesn’t like GMO products; Nature’s Care is already there saying NO to them. Everything is organic. Nothing mystical in their ingredients in this balm. You’ll recognize them all: Papaya Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Seed Oil, Mango Seed Oil, Jojoba Esters, Rice Bran Wax, and Beeswax. There are no petroleum-based ingredients in this line. Just all the good stuff that your skin is friends with.

They also have a large selection of baby care products. A total of 7 in all, these are safe and pampering for the babies. But, the adult line is just as plentiful. Steve Collett offered me to try a sample the Paw Paw Body Butter. Just like the lip balm, the scent is very soft but the results are bountiful. Again, no petrochemical free so only the natural ingredients provide moisture to my skin.It was smooth with no greasy feeling.

I hope we get to see the Paw Paw product line very soon in the States. Feel free to email them from their website to find a location that sells this. Any of these products would be great gifts to a new mom.