Freeman’s Beauty: Honeydew & Chamomile Sleeping Mask

The Facial Mask Monday product is a different type of mask. This is one that is a cream, you put it on before bedtime and sleep with it on. I think I picked up this Freeman’s Honeydew & Chamomile Sleeping Mask at Walmart. They usually run about $1.37 or so.DSCF0022

I had only read other reviews about these types of masks so, when I found this one, I thought I’d give it a go. When a product says that it ‘deeply hydrates’, I feel they are talking to me…


I was worried about getting my pillow and sheets messy. But, I figured it out by not putting it on as thick as an apply and wipe off 15 minutes later mask. That left about 4 applications from this one packet.

If you love cantaloupes, you’ll love the fragrance of this mask. I wish I had some in the refrigerator right now! It smelled just like the melon!  That, along with the chamomile set the stage for a very relaxing experience. There are lots and lots of ingredients in this mask. Wow! A lot of them are from plant and fruit oil that are recognizable…

DSCF0024 - Copy

How well did this one work? It worked so well I wish my skin would feel like this all the time. But, that was the next morning. I had a hard time keeping myself from rubbing in the product. And, it did sting my cheeks and nose for about 7 minutes when I first put it on. Maybe the facial wipe I used caused it? I don’t know. I don’t have sensitive skin so, I can’t recommend it to those that have any sensitivity issues.

The mask is a very heavy cream. When I applied it, it became opaque, however…


The entire time I prepped for this post, all I could think about was Mrs. Kravitz. How many of you are old enough to know her and her put-upon husband, Abner?


What sleeping masks do you recommend?

Mask Monday: Studio 35 Beauty Warming Mask

This Mask Monday edition hosts a warming mask from Studio 35 Beauty, Walgreen’s own beauty line…


I picked this one up when Walgreen’s had them on sale for about $2.50. They usually run around $3.50.

Walgreen’s has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their home brand products. That’s a great reason for me to recommend these to you. If you don’t dig it, take it back. It was interesting to see that after all the Baroness paper masks I have been reviewing that even this one is from Korea, as well…


The Studio 35 Beauty mask is a liquid mask, however. It’s a semi-thick cream that has an off-orange color to it…


When I squeezed out the entire package to apply to my face, most of the cream was the opaque cream rather than the clear liquid. I made sure to emulsify the rest of the cream in the envelope in case it all needed to blend together to create the warming effect.

And, mentioned the warming effect, it is slight yet, still noticeable. But, only upon application. I didn’t really feel the warmth after 3 minutes of applying it.

The fragrance is very light. I was expecting it to have more of a citrus odor to it but it wasn’t even leaning towards an orange smell. I found it to be pleasant and didn’t interfere one bit with the great experience of using the warming mask.

Although the instructions state to leave the mask on until it dries, I found it didn’t completely dry on me. It did get slightly tacky but, it didn’t become dry or tight…


The exfoliating part is very subtle. I can’t say I noticed it at all. I just trust that the mask was breaking down the dirt and dead skin layer and was washed away when I was finished. It wasn’t on purpose but, some of the mask got on my lips. It actually felt nice and so I left it on. There wasn’t any itchy, burning or otherwise unpleasant sensation so I went with it.

The list of ingredients are as follows…


Along with a very long list of herbal and natural extracts are some chemical components I wasn’t familiar with. I picked one to research as I love to learn about these things.

The fifth listed ingredient is Sodium Silcoaluminate. Just on a guess, I figured it was some sort of salt, silicon and aluminum mixture. What I discovered is that it is a rather common ingredient used in eye shadows, mascaras and foundations. It has a very slight SPF but nothing worth touting about. It does have some anti-aging benefits and can be found in those types of products as well. You can also find Sodium Silcoaluminate in laundry detergent and Biscuits. Why, may you ask, would this ingredient be in those items? It is also an anti-caking agent, and is often used as a food additive. It is abrasive and helps increase the volume in items. Quite commonly known as a bulking ingredient.

As I concluded by the name, it is made up of sodium, aluminum and silicate. There is no known toxicity to the environment or to humans. This ingredient isn’t a known allergen and isn’t known to interfere with the human immune system.

After researching Sodium Silcoaluminate, better than 20 minutes had passed. (I had the mask on while I did the research.) I checked and found the mask, as I mentioned, to be tacky but not drying. I must mention that there is more than enough product for my face and my neck so, I got the idea to use it on the back of my hands as well. I washed it all off with a warm wash cloth. The mask washed off very easily. After I pat-dried my skin, it felt squeaky clean. Not extra soft but I wasn’t expecting that. My skin was very clean-feeling. And, I’m quite happy with that. It was prepped and ready for my regular skin routine.

Walgreen’s warming mask is one that I feel I could recommend to all skin types. Unless you see something in particular that you know you are allergic to from the ingredient list, I think it would be OK for those with sensitive skin.

Have you tried any of Walgreen’s Studio 35 Beauty items?


Mask Monday: Forever 21 Pearl Mask Sheet

The last Baroness paper mask I have to share with you is the Pearl Mask Sheet…

pearl mask 1

I picked this paper mask up at Forever 21 along with the tomato mask and the snail masks. All three are from Korea and the brand is Baroness.

Like the two before, the pearl mask had no odor. That’s nice since I kick back and leave it on my face for 20 minutes. This mask felt cool on my skin. After my 20 minutes were up, I removed the mask and rubbed in the remaining residue. It was soft and creamy and left my skin feeling smooth. I didn’t feel the need to add any other skin product on my face after using this mask. However, right before bedtime, I did use my Kiehl’s Midnight Repair Concentrate.

pearl mask 2

In my opinion, for $1, I got a very nice experience and feel my skin benefited from using these masks. Forever 21 has a huge turn over of their inventory. I haven’t seen these again since I purchased them. I have, however, picked up a foot mask that I will be reviewing. I have learned that when I see something like this, and the financial investment is small, I need to go ahead and stock up. I wish I would have with these Baroness paper masks.

One thing that I did notice with the ingredient list on all of the Baroness masks; the headlining ingredient, as the pearl is with this mask, is practically insignificant. As you can see here, the Pearl Powder is the last ingredient and only .01% at that…

pearl mask ingredients

Actually, I purchased these on a whim rather than buying them for the healing or anti-aging or any other reason of the purported title. It was a pleasant experience and a lesson that just because a product says that it is a ‘pearl’ mask doesn’t mean that it has a lot of that ingredient in it.

No scary photo of me wearing the pearl paper mask, this time. It looked just like the other two. And also, I forgot to snap a photo. Regardless, I would recommend these masks because it gave me a reason to lie down and just be for 20 minutes. No cell phone, no TV, just me and my own thoughts. The masks are a tool, if you will, to mentally check in with myself. Even though I usually post this series on Monday, I actually use the masks on Sunday evening. It’s a ritual that I enjoy to end my weekend and begin to move towards the start of a new week. And hopefully, my skin gets a little joy out of it as well.

Have you ever used any beauty product that has pearl powder in it?

Mask Monday: Baroness Tomato Mask Sheet

I bring you another facial mask sheet review. Again, this one is one I picked up at Forever 21. This time the featured ingredient is the tomato…

tomato 2

I am not a huge fan of eating tomatoes however, I was ready to take on the tomato mask…

tomato 3

Well, the masks from Baroness all say the same tag line as you see above. That’s OK with me. I want those things too.

I was really interested in two things. One, how much tomato was in this mask…

tomato mask ingredients

As you can see, it only says .1%. Negligible. But it does have an ingredient that I do like to eat and that’s Kiwi.

The other burning question I had was, is the mask tomato red…

tomato mask

Alas, it wasn’t. It was the same milky white sheet that any of the Baroness masks I have tried from this line. (Check here for my review on the Baroness snail mask.) I think that may be a good thing. If it was red, it could have stained my skin. That wouldn’t work.

The tomato mask left my skin so smooth and soft. You bet I smelled the sheet and, I did find that it had the very faintest odor of something that reminded me of a garden. I can’t truly say it was that of a tomato however, it was so faint that I really could say that it was practically odor-free.

After relaxing for 20 minutes, I removed the mask and massaged in the leftover lotion on my skin. I let it soak in and my face felt so smooth, I had my husband stroke my skin to make sure I wasn’t just making it up. I wasn’t and he was as amazed as I was. In fact, I was delighted. And then, sad that I didn’t purchase more than just tomato mask. For a dollar, it’s a wonderful treat for my face…

tomato 4

Purchasing the Baroness masks at Forever 21 has been one of the best new skincare purchases I have made this year. What some of us won’t do for beauty…

tomato mask photoIf I find these masks again at Forever 21, I will most certainly pick up more.

Have you tried any of these masks yet?

Mask Monday: Forever 21 Snail Mask Sheet

When I saw this at Forever 21, I HAD to give it a try…

snail mask 1

I have read that it’s quite trendy in Korea to use facial products that contain snail slime. Supposedly, it refreshes and rejuvenates the skin….

snail mask 3

Luckily, I don’t have an aversion to snails. Heck, I have even had snails as pets. They are quiet, clean and pretty neat to watch. However, I never let them crawl on my face. Maybe I was missing out all this time!…

snail mask 2

This was an inexpensive risk and, I was game…

snail mask 6

Really, it was only a buck. So, I’ll jump to the ending…I wish I would have picked up several more…

snail mask 4

My biggest worry was that the mask was going to smell terrible or weird. Nope. It didn’t smell at all…

snail mask a

This was a paper mask that I contoured to my face. I put it on, set my timer on my phone for 20 minutes and, kicked back…

snail mask d

Yes, it is frightful to look at. But, it felt like any other paper mask. It was cooling, very moisturizing and, I didn’t even feel the need to put on any moisturizer after I took the mask off. I just rubbed in the remaining slime…oh, I mean product onto my skin.

Seriously, this was better than I expected it to be. It is, definitely, something I would do on a weekly basis. If it would have been labeled ‘best collagen mask ever’, you would have never known it had snail slime in it.

Have you tried any product containing snail slime? Would you give it a go?


Facial Mask Monday: nugg Face Mask

Sunday nights are when I, usually, like to do a facial mask. Something about giving myself a fresh start of the week motivates me.

I purchased the nugg Face Mask at Target almost a year ago. This small package got pushed to the back of my drawer. I’m so glad I dug around in the drawer to find this and share with you my thoughts.

Nugg’s Facial Mask: hydrating comes in what looks like one of those single-serving jelly containers you find in restaurants. It’s only a bit bigger and the consistency of this product is almost the same. Well, the mask is a lot easier to spread…
nug mask 1

nugg mask 2

I had to take a macro photo of the ingredient list to read them…

nugg mask 3

The blurb talking about natural oils and extracts is correct. I see lots of good-for-the-skin ingredients.

This is what the product looks like…

2015-05-02 19.57.40


I could really tell it had silicone as one of it’s main ingredients. There was a lot of slip in the feel. So, if you don’t get along with dimethicone ( silicon-based polymer), you’ll most likely want to skip this one.

Surprisingly, there was hardly any odor to this mask. There was more than enough in this one serving. I thought about saving half for next Sunday but, worried it would dry out in a week’s time…

2015-05-02 19.58.08

It was almost like a foundation primer but, heavier in consistency. I put on as much as my face would hold and went to lie down on the bed for 15 minutes. The nugg mask felt very cool and soft on my skin. About halfway in, I couldn’t feel the mask on my face at all. It was nice to do a mask that wasn’t pulling on my skin and feeling uncomfortable.

I mean, I wasn’t doing this to look good; just make my skin feel soft and moisturized…

2015-05-02 20.00.32


I think I paid around $3 for this one application. Do I feel it was worth it, I do. After I used a dry micro-fiber towel to wipe off the excise, my skin was very soft and felt moist. I didn’t even bother with washing my face afterwards. I went on to brushing my teeth to give me some gauge as to how moist or dry my skin felt right after the mask. Then, I went right on to applying a serum and nightly moisturizer approximately 10 minutes later. I didn’t feel the need to wash my face after the mask at all. I liked that feeling.

Even though I purchased this nugg mask a long time ago, I still see it sold in Target. They have several other masks for skin types.

Have you seen or, tried a nugg facial mask?

ZMask: Anti-Wrinkle Face and Eye Masks

Occasionally, I get opportunities to review items that I think my readers would enjoy and would like to learn about. I have been focusing quite a bit on skin care in my own, personal life over the past year as I’m wanting to do what I can to keep my lovely, smooth complexion. Even though that’s said wryly, I am having a birthday this month and truthfully, my peak has already past. Now I’m just holding back the signs of time as best as I can afford.

Over the past 6 weeks, I have been testing out ZMask. I had never heard of this product before but with buzz phrases like:

  • Made with natural seaweed extracts
  • Paraben-, fragrance-, and mineral oil-free
  • Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles,  smooth skin, and improve skin elasticity

I was very interested…



The box has a lot of info on it itself…

DSCF0235 DSCF0240 DSCF0238


I couldn’t find a number at to a total number of people that gave these percentages however, it’s a starting place for me to look for those results, hopefully, myself.

This is the Complete ZMask System…

DSCF0239 DSCF0242 DSCF0243


This has 12 full face masks, 12 under eye masks and a bottle of the Instant Youth Potion.

The brochure that came in the kit had lots of information about the ingredients of the products but, it didn’t have any info on how or when to wear the Instant Youth Potion. I’ll speak more on that in a moment.

Even though the instructions state that the masks can be used up to 3 times a week, I did one mask per week along with using the eye masks later on that same week. Don’t be scared, it’s just me working on my wrinkles!…



I have used paper masks in the past and I think they are really neat. They are not messy like liquid masks. One week I did this while I was in the middle of experiencing a migraine. I don’t know what possessed me to do this with a headache but the cooling sensation of the mask felt really good! I will have to remember this!

Each mask has instructions on it on how to use it but really, it’s a no-brainer. Here’s for the full mask…



And, for the eye masks…




The masks do not become dry. They stay moist during the time you have them on. Once the time is up, you just peel off the paper mask, throw it away and gently rub in the residue. Here’s what I thought about the residue; it was cooling, as I mentioned. Once I rubbed it in and it dried, my skin was so smooth. It did feel a bit tight which was more of a plumped up feeling rather than a dried skin tight feeling. I did follow up a few times with the Instant Youth Potion…

DSCF0246 DSCF0247 DSCF0248


The potion didn’t lessen the tight sensation. It didn’t really add to it but I figured out, on my own, that the potion is meant to plump up the skin as well. So, in retrospect, I would use the potion as part of my morning skin ritual. I did this for 4 days straight and I found that I didn’t care for that tightening sensation. Mostly, I believe that I am not accustomed to that sensation.

I will say that even with the skin-tightening, I visibly saw that my skin was smoother. After each type of mask, my crow’s feet wrinkles around my eyes was lessened. I didn’t notice any changes with the wrinkles I have on my forehead.

My box of masks doesn’t look like the box advertised on the ZMask website. I notice from the copyright date, 2010, that maybe I received an older product. Also, my box calls the product ‘Zephyranthe’. I suspect they renamed it ZMask just because it’s easier to remember and customers relate better to brands they can pronounce.

Overall, I found the masks to be soothing to my psyche as well as to my skin. There wasn’t a detectable odor, I didn’t get any irritation and my skin did feel hydrated and nourished.

Have you heard of ZMask before? Do you prefer paper masks over liquids?


Freeman Skin Care: Dead Sea Minerals Mask and Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask

As part of a regular skin care ritual, you should do a deep cleaning mask and scrubs. It really depends on what type of skin you have as to how often you do a mask and use scrubs, though. There are plenty of how-tos in beauty blog land, so that’s a good place to start and then tweek it as you see fit for your skin.

My skin has become drier over the past 5 years but it has become very dry since moving from humid Florida to arid Colorado. So, the skin care routine I had just 2 years ago isn’t moisturizing enough for my skin. Also, I find that I need to use a scrub more often to keep my pores clean and my skin from being flakey. Masks are done less often but, I follow up with lots of moisturizing because they will dry my skin out too much.

Here are a couple of new products I have added to my twice a month mask and twice a week scrub routine…



Both products are made by Freeman, which make lots of different skin care masks, scrubs, foot scrubs, foot lotions and more. I got these two at Albertsons grocery but they are sold at Walgreens, CVS, Big Lots, and many other mass, grocery and drug stores.

If you don’t know it, your skin is your largest organ. It protects your insides, regulates your temperature, is waterproof so we don’t get too soggy or too dry and, is a protective barrier against harmful pathogens.  Your skin tries to be self-managing but, it doesn’t always do a good enough job. Putting on makeup, our hormones and the aging process can put skin into a tailspin. Thus, the creation of an entire giant industry of taking care of this organ called our skin.

Most facial masks are drying. They are meant to soak up the excess oil and whisk away the environmental toxins that your skin protects your insides from. If you are like me, I still want to remove the old oil and dirt from my face but, have to keep it all in balance with moisturizers because my skin doesn’t make enough.

Freeman’s ‘Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Mask’ works at absorbing oils and removing grime from my face …




As we get older, most of us find that our pores get larger. Since they are larger, we should be more conscious of cleaning those crevices out! Dead Sea minerals are very good at sucking up the excess oil and grabbing ahold of toxins so we can wash them away. At the same time, the Dead Sea minerals can soothe and nourish the skin…



This mask is thick and it works hard! I just smear some on my face and neck, wait about 10 to 15 minutes and then wash it away. This mask is a very pretty color…



After washing off the mask, I put on my night time moisturizer and enjoy soft, silky skin. As I mentioned, I do a mask such as this only twice a month. Anything more than that and I end up way too dry.

But with scrubs, I will use them about twice a week. Anything more and I will aggravate my face and end up with contact dermatitis which hurts! Freeman has a scrub that is a mask as well…


DSCF0270 DSCF0273


The ‘Charcoal and Black Sugar Polishing Mask’ doesn’t dry up hard like the Dead Sea Minerals mask does. The Polishing Mask stays soft. Per the instructions, you leave it on your face for 7 minutes and then gently scrub to remove dirt and dead skin cells…

DSCF0279 DSCF0282


This scrub has a more moisturizing feel to it but it is not short on making my skin feel smooth as silk. Nevertheless, I still follow up with a moisturizer after a scrub.

My preference is to do masks at night after I wash my face. My night time moisturizer is much heavier than my daytime one so, it feels better for my skin to do the mask at that time. Plus, I’m not rushing around like I do in the morning, getting ready for work; I can enjoy the process. With most scrubs, however, I do them in the morning when I am in the shower. With Freeman’s ‘Charcoal and Black Sugar Scrub’, I slather it one right before I brush my teeth, then when I’m done, I run the shower and by the time I get in, the 7 minutes have passed and I can scrub away on my face. Oh, and I use my skin care products all the way down my neck too. If you do this, you will THANK me when you get into your late 40’s and into the 50’s!!!!

Albertson’s had these on sale 2 for $7. That’s what prompted me to give them a try. Neither one of them have a remarkable scent. They both work exactly as stated on their tubes. The Vanity recommends these both for our beautiful skin care needs and, the price is right!

Have you tried any Freeman products before? I know I have a couple of beauty blogger friends that love Freeman products.

Maxima Rejuvenation Skin Care Review

(Facial Wipe Wednesday has been on hiatus as I have been testing out a couple of new skincare items.)

Getting an opportunity to try out a new skincare line is exciting for me, as a blogger. When I got the chance to try Maxima Rejuvenation Skin Care, I was very interested to check it out.

Here are the samples I got…

Gentle Daily Cleanser; Vitamin C 20%; Sunscreen SPF 30 and Biopeptide Mask.

I’ll start first with the Gentle Daily Cleaner

I was able to get 5 washes from this sample. Right off, I noticed it had a very distinct and strange smell to it. I can’t say it was terrible however, it wasn’t floral-y or clean smelling. It was a chemical odor. I wasn’t too put off by it but, I will forewarn those with even the slightest sensitive nose that they should not indulge in this cleanser.

The product was effective, for the most part. It didn’t tackle my mascara as well as I would like. The website says that Gentle Daily Cleanser works while ‘…leaving (skin) smooth, clean, refreshed, and  healthy looking.’ That, it does. My skin felt very clean, soft and pliable. This cleanser didn’t make my skin feel taunt after I used it. There are plenty of healthy ingredients in this cleanser too: shea butter, chamomile extract, aloe and tangerine oil. Gentle Daily Cleanser sells for $43  for 4 oz.

Next is the Vitamin C 20% Serum. Rough-handling by the USPS cracked this little vial’s glass at the top. Even though some of it had leaked out, I got 3 applications from it.

I used the serum right after I used the cleanser. I didn’t want to use a topical with Vitamin C in the morning, as sunlight can cause a not too pleasant photosensitivity to the skin. With each application of the serum, my skin drank it in. My skin was open to taking in the serum after such a thorough cleansing. I know that I couldn’t use the Vitamin C 20% Serum without following up with a moisturizer. This serum prepped my skin for that next step, though. Per Maxima’s website, this serum is a hard-working power horse. It helps diminish fine lines, detoxes the skin by bringing in oxygen to the cells. And, it will help firm the skin and that plumps up any wrinkles. A 1 ounce vial is $48.

And, next…

Sunscreen SPF 30 moisturizer. I have never liked any skin products that specifically had SPF in it. Especially facial products. But, there are a couple of things that Maxima has done with their SPF moisturizer to overcome some of the issues many folks have with this type of product. One is that it doesn’t have a smell, save for the slightest fragrance of citrus. I can smell it when I take a whiff from the jar but not when I have it on my face.

Here’s another hurdle, most SPF products are a royal pain to rub in. Actually, SPF is meant to sit on the skin to protect it. However, with the right moisturizing emollients, Maxima has developed the best of both worlds. I can’t say that my skin drank in Sunscreen SPF 30 but, I can say with a bit more rubbing in than usual, this lotion smoothed out and the white residue just didn’t exist. I have somewhat dry skin and yet, this moisturizer left my skin more dewy than I like. However, since I use mineral foundation, SPF Moisturizer worked hand-in-hand with that combo. This product is sweat-proof and doesn’t clog pores so, that makes it the best facial sunscreen for when I am out running. A 1 ounce bottle is $23.

Here is a photo of the Sunscreen SPF 30 moisturizer and the Biopeptide Mask…

The Biopeptide Mask is another product that works really hard. When I read the ingredient list for this mask and I saw ‘Matrixyl 3000®’ listed, I got excited. Matrixyl 3000® is a very potent and effective line and wrinkle remover. I have tried products in the past with this ingredient and it means business. The Maxima website states:

‘The use of the mask inhibits future new wrinkle development, brightens and lightens skin tones, rejuvenates and moistens the skin, in addition to encouraging new cell development.’

That’s a lot of jobs! And I want to add, this gel product works for all skin tones. I found that it made my skin feel very plump. And peptides are a godsend for products to be delivered into the skin layers. Think about peptides being the train that carries in the emollients into the skin cells.

I used it as a mask twice, leaving it on 20 minutes the first time and then 10 minutes the next. This method didn’t work for me as well as putting on a thin layer and leaving it on before bed. Not that there is anything wrong with the product, I just preferred using it as a moisturizer before bedtime. This gel isn’t heavy and feels cool when first applied. It has the lightest scent but, like the Sunscreen, I didn’t notice it at all when applying it to my face. Biopeptide Mask is $70 for 2 ounces.

These products performed as stated on their website. I can’t attest for the long-term effects of the Vitamin C 20% serum, as that is a product that needs to be used over a longer length of time to see results. However, I wouldn’t hesitate to use this serum long term. The Sunscreen is something that I will use during my morning runs. I found it just a bit too heavy for my liking to use under every day makeup. I’m happy I still have some of the Biopeptide Mask left as it is my favorite from the samples I tested. The one caveat I see is that the prices are expensive. I put these prices in the high-end arena. Yet, I think Maxima would hold its own up against some of the more famously known skincare lines.

Maxima Rejuvenation Skin Care is a US company. You can order their products directly from their website.

These products were provided for me to test and review. All opinions are my own honest ones.