Milani Monday: Color Statement Best Red Lipstick

My best of the best, most favorite red lipsticks come from Milani. Here’s why:

  • They make the truest reds
  • They have incredible staying power
  • The price between $4.50 to $5.50 is very reasonable
  • The formula is creamy and easy to apply
  • I look hot wearing their reds

The red named ‘Best Red’, is probably the most perfect red for me, with my light, pink undertone complexion…

DSCF0075 DSCF0076 DSCF0077

I don’t know if you can classify a red lipstick as a neutral but this one is what I call ‘middle of the road’. It doesn’t have an orange tinge to it, nor does it have a pink flair. It’s just a true red. And this one is the creamiest matte red lipstick I own. Yep, it’s my ‘Best Red’…

DSCF0081 DSCF0080

The Color Statement line tube’s end which shows the shade rather than trying to guess off a colored sticker is the only way to go on The Vanity…


‘Best Red’ glides on soooo smoothly…

DSCF0083 DSCF0082

And, if I want that ‘middle of the road’ red, I know I’m not going to clash with any other red that I may be wearing…

Best Red lips


I think I can get a whole lot of happiness for a mere $5.50 from this lipstick.

Do you adore Milani red lipsticks as much as I do?


*The product was provided to me for my honest opinion. All comments are my own.

Toss Or Trash: Pretty Cool When Even The Trash Smells Good

The Toss or Trash series hasn’t been around in a while however, that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been anything tossed or trashed! I’m still working on where to take my blog photographs now that it’s too cold outside. I also, confessingly, haven’t kept up on photographing the used items and then physically throwing them away. Eeewww! Luckily, nothing is rotten or gross.

As a refresher, here’s how the Toss or Trash series works: Toss means I have no intentions of buying that item again. It gets a thumbs down. Trash means I used it up and, would purchase it again. There can be middle of the road too but, I always give my opinion on why it is either Toss or Trash

Look! This one even works to keep odors away!!!…

auto curler swatches 019Let’s just say that my husband has different closet habits than I do. I don’t share my closet with him because of that. But, they both do get air fresheners. I like Renuzit’s Super Odor Killer fragrance, which I always get from his closet. I buy these by the half dozen and use them also in the kitty room too. So, it is easier just to buy the Super Odor Killer fragrance and use it everywhere. I get them at Walmart for a bit less than a dollar. If they have price rollbacks on any, I’ll get them for my closet. However, this rather neutral fragrance works without complaints in my husband’s closet and in the kitty room.

Milani Cosmetics is one of my favorites. They make several different mascaras, and one of my top favorites (that would be Total Lash Cover Mascara), but this one isn’t one of them. I did a review on this one called ‘Runway Lashes’. Oh, it’s Trash….I’m just done with it. And, I do like it…

auto curler swatches 041 auto curler swatches 042Its time to go arrived. I do NOT like spiders and just the thought of the so-called ‘spider leg’ lashes curls my TOES!!! So, there i’\ wass no internal mental struggle about throwing away mascara that is done dried up.

As as mentioned, this one isn’t a favorite mascara but it is a 6 on a scale of 10. There are just so many other mascaras I like better.

If I want my closets to smell fresh you can bet I love fresh-smelling laundry. Bath and Body Works makes my favorite fresh-washed laundry fragrances in a body wash;

auto curler swatches 040‘Sea Island Cotton’ is a core fragrance with Bath and Body Works. I used this one for the first part of last year while I lived with my brother and his family while I transitioned from Orlando to the Denver area. My brother is extremely sensitive to odors so this one was a good choice as it isn’t over-powering. It is also a good crossover fragrance for men since it smells like laundry and not flowery. My husband doesn’t mind using it. This is Trash because I already have a replacement.

I talked about my favorite cuticle oil, Dadi Oil, in a past radio show. You can find the link to that here. My raving comments have not waned at all for this cuticle oil. It’s Trash but I do have one beef with it; it’s hard to come by. It is sold through nail salons and I have found only one that sells it here in Denver. But, she only sells the little sample bottle. This one was the last of my full-size…

auto curler swatches 069And I SWEAR!!! This is NOT real chicken POOP!!!! Not even close!!! I’m having a hard time finding more Chicken Poop, because I want more Chicken Poop for my lips!!! I already reviewed this and told you why…

auto curler swatches 068Seriously, one of the best lip salves I have ever used! It’s Trash and I want a replacement!! Who would have thought Chicken Poop would be so hard to come by. Hmmmm…..

Ah, I feel slightly unburdened getting rid of the used-up beauties. Share with me which ones you have tried before and if you liked them.

Milani: Eyeshadow Primer; It Works In The Nude

In a search for a damn good shadow primer, I’m paying whatever I can get my hands on. Sort of. When I found out that Milani had an eyeshadow primer, I made a point of hunting it down. I found this one at Walgreens. However, it was in a Walgreens in Orlando; not in Denver. I have learned that Walgreens doesn’t carry Milani in Denver. Yet, I have heard that there are a few that are starting to…

Mega swatch day 305 Mega swatch day 306The info on the packages always reads so promising…

Mega swatch day 308It doesn’t have to be nude; I just want it to hold my eyeshadows for at least 6 hours…

Mega swatch day 307However, nude it is…

Mega swatch day 310 Mega swatch day 312Milani’s primer is more liquid-y than the competition’s. It appears to be quite thick in the above photo, though. Swatched on my hand, it gives you a better idea about its consistency…

Mega swatch day 313And, it blends right in. I mean, like easily and dries fast!

Mega swatch day 314If I apply a very, very thin amount of a primer on my lids, I’m getting better and longer wear. So, more is not really better for me.

My verdict is that Milani’s Eyeshadow Primer is a hit. It worked with making my eyeshadow last up to 5 hours. One thing it didn’t do was intensify the shadow’s color. After discovering that the formula was on the thin side, I wasn’t surprised. This primer is a keeper and Milani doesn’t disappoint. That’s why they are one of my top drugstore brands.

What primer is the holy grail for you?

Milani Cosmetics: Limited Edition Naturally Chic Shadow Eyez Pencils

When I saw a review on my friend Nouveau Cheap‘s blog on the new Milani eye pencils, my search began. I am a huge Milani fan. So, you can imagine my frustration when I found out the Walgreens here in the Denver area do not sell Milani *gasp*

I was back in Florida for a couple of weeks last month and you know darn well I hit up the Walgreens store there. I snagged these up like the tourists snag up on souvenirs…

samples milani eye pencils 008

samples milani eye pencils 010Not only did I find the colors to be awesome but also, there was that promise of ’12 Hour Wear’. Even Nouveau Cheap said that these lasted hours on her oily lids. I became hopeful.

However, I had to photo them and swatch them before I went to try them out…

samples milani eye pencils 012samples milani eye pencils 015Almond Cream is a very flexible matte color, indeed.

samples milani eye pencils 016Sand Dunes gets into some summery shimmer.

samples milani eye pencils 017 Golden Bronze will get anyone’s eyes ready for a summer look.

samples milani eye pencils 018For a matte brown, Cafe Au Lait is calling my name.

samples milani eye pencils 019And lastly, this is Espresso Lane. My favorite brown for a smoky eye look.

I had fun swatches these lovelies as they were utterly creamy and smooth. Talk about rich pigmentation…

samples milani eye pencils 020These may be considered neutral shades but there is nothing quiet about them; hyper-color.

samples milani eye pencils 024Shown in direct sunlight, it is easy to see how rich these pencils are.

At that point, I thought I was finished swatching. I went to wash my hands and arm and this is what happened after a good scrubbing, with handsoap…

samples milani eye pencils 032What happened was NOTHING! These swatches did not BUDGE! I was excited to swipe them on my eyelids to see if this was really true. Now, I don’t have any photos but, I got crease in less than 90 minutes. However, this test was flawed because 1) I applied the pencil right over a day’s worth of shadow and 2) I didn’t use a primer.

I did wear the Espresso Lane as a liner on Friday and it worked fine. I used Golden Bronze as a liner, as well, on Saturday and it stayed on for hours. I may just have to keep these pencils away from the crease in my eyelids. But, I’m not done experimenting. Bawaaahaahaaahaaaa!

Did you get any of Milani’s Shadow Eyez for yourself? How’s it holding up for you?

Milani Monday: Even-Touch & Smooth Finish Foundations

If you have read my past reviews on Milani cosmetics, you know that I find them very pigmented. I tried two of their foundations, ‘Smooth Finish’ and ‘Even-Touch’, and found the same to be true with these products as well.

Here’s what I tried out…

Even-Touch Powder Foundation is oil free. It is a pressed foundation powder that comes with a sponge applicator that is housed under the pan. Smooth Finish Cream-To-Powder Makeup is also oil free. This is a cream that glides on easily whether you use a foundation brush or the sponge applicator that has its own compartment.

Both foundations come in identical compacts…

I chose 03 Natural for the ‘Even-Touch’ foundation. I found this to be right on the money for my complexion. I used the sponge applicator the first two times and then used my own fluffy foundation brush after that. Surprisingly, the sponge worked very well. The powder is so finely milled that it glides on like cream.

The addition of Aloe Vera Extract helps soothe and moisturize the skin while evening out the skin. High-Definition technology is used in these products. By defusing the light that reflects off the skin, this technology allows for the product to accentuate a dewy and light complexion, while creating the illusion of an even tone. I find that my foundations that do not have the Hi-Def technology are flat in comparison.

A little test-run on my hand…

And it’s easy to see where the powder was placed, as my skin tone is evened out. In fact, I could easily state that it blurs my imperfections and creates an even tone. ‘Even-Touch’ didn’t feel drying either. Wearing this foundation, I don’t feel any tightness and since it is micronized, the powder doesn’t settle into my fine lines.

I got the ‘Smooth Finish’ Cream to Powder Makeup foundation in 01 Sand color…

Upon first looking at this color, I was sad that it was too dark for my fair skin…

Sand is darker than I would ever tan. But, since I have been experimenting with liquid foundations recently, I thought this would make an excellent contouring cream…

Even though Sand is too dark for me to use as a foundation, you can still see how it blurs the skin tones to create an even color. I had no problem at all using this for contouring my cheeks, right under my bottom lip and along side my nose. True to its name, ‘Smooth Finish’ set into a velvety, smooth powder-feel on my face. I have avoided liquid and cream foundations for almost 2 decades because they felt too heavy on my skin. ‘Smooth Finish’ didn’t feel that way at all. In fact, I didn’t feel anything on my skin.

Even though both of these can build up to some pretty heavy coverage, a lighter hand could make this as sheer as you desire. Even the cream blended easy enough for just a hint of camouflage. Since both of these are oil-free, those with oily complexions can give these a try.

Both of these foundations lasted me all day. I didn’t have to touch up the foundation and only used translucent powder later in the afternoon to whisk away some shine that I always get. They felt smooth and incredibly soft. I plan on getting a lighter shade of the ‘Smooth Finish’ so I can try full coverage.

Milani cosmetics can be found in drugstores and grocery stores.

These products were provided to me for my review. These are my own, honest opinions.

Milani Monday: Crystal Gloss For Lips

If I were to sum up Milani Cosmetics in one word, it would be ‘pigmented’. There’s nothing really shy about Milani’s colors. They are bold, vibrant and stunningly beautiful.

Let me show you what I mean. These lip glosses are called ‘Crystal Gloss For Lips’…

Two glitters: Raspberry Icing and Cotton Candy; one shine: Fruit Punch

These come with a doe-foot applicator and the gloss glazes right on my lips. I have to use a mirror with these because the color is so pigmented that I can easily skip a patch on my lips. But, you’ll be OK with that too because you’ll be admiring how wonderful these glosses make your lips look.

You don’t have to even get this close to see sparkles and shine…

Here are the swatches…

Top is Cotton Candy, Fruit Punch and Raspberry Icing.

Let me show off these great glosses…

Cotton Candy-very subtle on the lips but full of sparkle. I like this one over cream lipsticks too.

Raspberry Icing-luscious and vibrant all on its own.

Fruit Punch-no sparkles but just a glossy shine.

The tubes are stubby compared to the long tubes many glosses come in. I rather like these. With 18 different colors to choose from, you’ll get one for every moment you would like to play up your lips.

Milani Cosmetics can be found at many drugstores, Ulta and online. These glosses are $4.99.

I was provided these items for my honest review. These are my own opinions.

Milani Monday Series: Runway and Marbleized Baked Shadows

One of my favorite makeup brands is Milani. I don’t think they can come out with new products fast enough to satisfy me, I love them that much. So, I thought I’d start a new semi-series of Milani Mondays and share with you Milani items that I own.

The first Milani products I purchased were eye shadows. The colors trapped me on first look..

Here are a couple of regular shadows from the Runway collection: ‘Peaches and Cream’, ‘Golden Touch’; and a marbleized baked shadow called ‘Must Have Fuchsia’.

This is ‘Peaches and Cream’…

I thought that the sparkles were just a spray-over but they are there even below the top layer. And the pigment on all of these is solid. I haven’t tried them foiled (used with water) but I bet they continue to shine. I use ‘Peaches and Cream’ as an all over base, to which I layer other colors on top. And I like it alone for a more subdue feel.

This is ‘Golden Touch’…

‘Golden Touch’ isn’t quite as sparkly as ‘Peaches and Cream’, ironically. But it is still a very warm and bright shade. Mixed with other shadows, it adds a lot of warmth.

And the show-stealer, ‘Must Have Fuchsia’…

She steals the show, doesn’t she? You can see that I have put a dent in this one. I quit worrying about using colors I deemed too bright. Yes, this one is bright but doesn’t it look so otherworldly? The marbled look is so complex. And just like the other two, the pigment is strong and true. Fuchsia doesn’t have any sparkles though; it has a shimmer.

I swatched these with just my finger…

It looks like Fuchsia wants to be streaky, but it is not. These are very creamy and blend so well. Because of the sparkles, though, there is a lot of fall-out. I’m OK with that. A fan brush whisks it all away for me.

Now that I have done a review on these, I think I’m going to set them on the vanity and use these three together for an EOTD (eye of the day) look tomorrow. I think I can come up with something very hot!

Have you tried any of Milani’s eye shadows? Do you have a favorite?