NYX Cosmetics Luv Out Loud Limited Edition Liquid Lipsticks

NYX Cosmetics asked me if I would give my honest opinion on their newest liquid lipsticks: Luv Out Loud Collection. Being an avid lover of all things by NYX Cosmetics, I naturally said yes.

The Luv Out Loud Matte Liquid Lip Collection is a limited edition so I wanted to share these with you as soon as possible. Plus, Fall will be here as soon as possible. Don’t you agree?! My lips will be ready to showcase any Fall outfit with the Luv Out Loud liquid lippies.

The NYX Professional Makeup PR info asks: Are Passionate, Brave, Fearless, Confident, Extraordinary or Brilliant? …celebrating individuality, beauty and artistry for all! What do these words mean to you? Swipe on your favorite shade and take to social to tell us how you #luvoutloud.


From top to bottom:Brilliant, Confident, Fearless, Extraordinary, Passionate

I’m all those characteristics and then some! I just know you are too! I received 5 of the 6 limited edition NYX Cosmetics lippies. So, it’s a GO for all 5 of them. Look out Fall! Here come Matte Lips!

I have many matte liquid lipsticks and a bunch of them are by NYX Cosmetics. Without a doubt, the NYX Cosmetics liquid lipsticks are my favorite. I was pretty sure these limited edition matte ones were not going to be any different. I was SO right!

If you have sampled any matte liquid lipsticks, you know that they can be drying, sticky, crumbly and/or tacky. Brush all those concerns out of your mind because none of the Luv Out Loud liquid lippies are like this. Can you say: Velvety, smooth, moisturized! I tried the lippies out on well-scrubbed lips for a test run. I put on a silky soft lip balm after that. Then, the pressure was on for these NYX Cosmetic’s new-comers.

What transpired was nothing short of glam. You’ll want to head over to NYX Cosmetics and order these limited edition matte liquid lipsticks pronto. Here are the shades I tried out:

From top to bottom:Brilliant, Confident, Fearless, Extraordinary, Passionate

There was only one thing I wished these lippies did and that was no transfer. While the liquid lipstick stayed on my lips for a good 5 hours, there was transfer to my tea cup. I did find one thing interesting, though. After about 5 hours, even though the lipstick seemed to have faded, the color had stained my lips. And, that stayed on until I washed my face right before bedtime.

Heck, why wait til Fall? I’m wearing these beauts NOW!

When you get your NYX Cosmetics Luv Out Loud matte liquid lipsticks, take a selfie and post it across the Internet using #luvoutloud. Let the word know you are AWESOME!


Disclaimer: NYX Professional Makeup provided these products to me for my honest opinions.

NYX’s HD Studio Primer Base

NYX cosmetics released quiet a few new items in December. Good timing as I was shopping for gifts and it was easy for me to buy these for ME! Hee hee! Out of the many items I did pick up, here is one that I’m still amazed at…

DSCF0183 DSCF0195


NYX’s HD Studio line hasn’t done me wrong yet. And their Primer Base is not an exception. In fact, it is THE reason I’m hooked on HD-type of makeup!!! It really is magic! Even the box tries to explain it…



Put the primer on your skin and when the light hits it, it glows!!!!!!….



But, if your skin is bumpy, NYX primer will make it even so the sunlight still reflects evenly…

DSCF0189And since sunlight isn’t always gentle on the skin, the primer has protective and nurturing ingredients in it. How’s that for explaining its magic? If that isn’t enough, there’s like an entire novel of info on the box!…

DSCF0193 DSCF0185

NYX always has the ‘good’ symbols on it…



But, enough about words, I bet you want to know how this product performs!!!! In one word: MAGICALLY!…



It seems unassuming at first but, you will notice the stark whiteness of the lotion. Then when I started to blend it out, what it left behind was a noticeable ‘gleam’. But, the camera barely shows it…



As I was using strong side-lighting, when you look at my skin that is closest to the light source, you can see the gleam. Don’t worry that the primer base is going to make your face all shiny; it doesn’t. And, for the record, that little dollop I put on the back of my hand is enough to cover your entire face so, you are seeing a very concentrated amount in a smaller area. This primer is going to seriously give you that ‘glow within’ look.

The true test for foundation primers, in my mind, is how it works around my nose and plays nicely with any type of foundation that I might use. More magic because I can use NYX Primer Base alone or with powder or liquid foundation, alike.

The only downside I see is that the product does feel heavy regardless of how light I try to apply it. But, I’m too busy being mesmerized by that glow that after I apply my foundation, I have already forgotten about it and don’t even notice the weight anymore.

If the weight of the primer bothered a user, I would recommend just applying it on the apples of your cheeks, down the length of your nose and just at the tip of your chin for a bit of highlight and High Definition effect.

I am quite fascinated by this primer. None of the other liquid primers I have give off this glow. I do have a powder primer that behaves this way but I’m still working on trying to apply it without any heavy spots. I’m not having that issue with NYX’s primer.

Have you tried this out yet?


NYX: Glam Liner Aqua Luxe Eyeliner in Glam 24 Karats

In August, there was a display of new NYX products on the counter at Ulta. Well, actually, new shades. I was almost at my budget for the month but decided to blow it because I knew these colors would go fast. And, I was so right! I went back two days later to get more and there was only 3 items left!!

NYX’s Aqua Luxe Glam Liners are one of my very favorite liquid eyeliners. I got this one with the Holidays in mind…

Other gold eyeliner pencils I have tried just don’t do as well as gold liquid liners. This solidifies my belief…

I have been wearing this with various shades and intensities of green eye shadow. The brush is very flexible but still easy to use so I don’t make too wide of a line, if I don’t care to. And that liner does.not.budge.

‘Glam 24 Karat’ is the perfect name. It really does look like gold. Wearing bold gold eyeliner is, or rather WAS, stepping out of my makeup comfort zone. Yet, every time I wear this, I get a compliment. That’ll make me twinkle, for sure!

Do you have this Glam Liner Aqua Luxe from NYX?

NYX: The Curve Eyeliner

Did you know that NYX part of NYX Cosmetics is pronounced like ‘nicks’? I’ve always called it that but I have heard others refer to it by spelling out the letters. Well, I got it directly from NYX public relations that it is pronounced out and is named after the Greek goddess of the night.

This is one of NYX’s new items…

NYX calls this ‘The Curve’. It is an ergonomic-shaped liquid eyeliner. I have seen this on other blogs and I just wasn’t drawn to it. I don’t see how the bent shape would actually make it easier to apply my eyeliner.

However, after working with it, I take it all back. It rocks!…

How I was to hold it was intuitive for me, however, there is a photo on the side to demonstrate.I’m ambidextrous so it is made easy for both lefties and righties.

It is a funky-looking creature…

And, I have never used anything like ‘The Curve’ before. But in no time, I was making a fabulous winged look and the point allows me to make a very fine line…

The point is very much like a firm felt-tip pen. I prefer a firm point rather than a soft one. I can have the best of both worlds with a fine line or a thicker one. And, the black liner is precise, water resistant and lasts up to 14 hours. And, yes, it does last all day for me. There wasn’t a smudge, feathering or break in the line at all. That is a perfect eyeliner on my vanity.

This is just a single stroke across my forearm…

Here are some facts about NYX and this product: They are cruelty-free, their packaging is recyclable, and it has no paraben or formaldehyde in it.

There is only one caveat about it…

The top needs to go on a precise way. I would recommend paying close attention to that so you don’t run the risk of having your fancy-smancy eyeliner drying up on you. And, I guess there are two caveats: it only comes in black. I would love to see this in a brown, green and purple.

The Vanity loves this eyeliner and is happy to have it as part of the beauty look. Have you tried ‘The Curve’ yet?