Pretty Polished ‘Candy Coated’ Nail Polish For Easter

Retail stores work on capitalizing on holidays the best they can. We all know that Christmas items are available right after Halloween. But this year, I was way over Easter a couple of weeks before it even got here! So, I have to say that 1) I am so over all the Easter-themed things I have seen online and in stores and 2) apparently I am lying to myself because I didn’t post this Easter-themed manicure and it was done a week before the holiday. No excuse. I wanted to share this very cute polish.

I’ll make it quick. I got this polish by Pretty Polished from a special beauty blogger and very good friend. It’s called ‘Candy Coated’…

DSCF0025 DSCF0026


I used three coats with this polish and the ring and pinky have on a top coat. The polish isn’t quite matte but I wanted to see if I could make it more shiny with a top coat of Eco Chic ‘Over The Top’ from Color Club. It didn’t make any difference, though. However, I found ‘Candy Coated’ to be a perfect Easter polish because it works so well with some of the Easter candy that my friend sent along in the package…

DSCF0028 DSCF0029

It took a bit of scrubbing to remove the glitter. However, I am pretty forgiving when the polish wears like iron to begin with. I’m looking to wear this Pretty Polished nail polish again next year. I’ll just make sure to do it well before my Easter holiday burn-out sets in.

Do you think that the Whooper brand malted Easter egg candies are the BEST and only ones that you’ll eat? Indeed!!