Milani Cosmetics: Limited Edition Naturally Chic Shadow Eyez Pencils

When I saw a review on my friend Nouveau Cheap‘s blog on the new Milani eye pencils, my search began. I am a huge Milani fan. So, you can imagine my frustration when I found out the Walgreens here in the Denver area do not sell Milani *gasp*

I was back in Florida for a couple of weeks last month and you know darn well I hit up the Walgreens store there. I snagged these up like the tourists snag up on souvenirs…

samples milani eye pencils 008

samples milani eye pencils 010Not only did I find the colors to be awesome but also, there was that promise of ’12 Hour Wear’. Even Nouveau Cheap said that these lasted hours on her oily lids. I became hopeful.

However, I had to photo them and swatch them before I went to try them out…

samples milani eye pencils 012samples milani eye pencils 015Almond Cream is a very flexible matte color, indeed.

samples milani eye pencils 016Sand Dunes gets into some summery shimmer.

samples milani eye pencils 017 Golden Bronze will get anyone’s eyes ready for a summer look.

samples milani eye pencils 018For a matte brown, Cafe Au Lait is calling my name.

samples milani eye pencils 019And lastly, this is Espresso Lane. My favorite brown for a smoky eye look.

I had fun swatches these lovelies as they were utterly creamy and smooth. Talk about rich pigmentation…

samples milani eye pencils 020These may be considered neutral shades but there is nothing quiet about them; hyper-color.

samples milani eye pencils 024Shown in direct sunlight, it is easy to see how rich these pencils are.

At that point, I thought I was finished swatching. I went to wash my hands and arm and this is what happened after a good scrubbing, with handsoap…

samples milani eye pencils 032What happened was NOTHING! These swatches did not BUDGE! I was excited to swipe them on my eyelids to see if this was really true. Now, I don’t have any photos but, I got crease in less than 90 minutes. However, this test was flawed because 1) I applied the pencil right over a day’s worth of shadow and 2) I didn’t use a primer.

I did wear the Espresso Lane as a liner on Friday and it worked fine. I used Golden Bronze as a liner, as well, on Saturday and it stayed on for hours. I may just have to keep these pencils away from the crease in my eyelids. But, I’m not done experimenting. Bawaaahaahaaahaaaa!

Did you get any of Milani’s Shadow Eyez for yourself? How’s it holding up for you?