M Steves Skin Care Products

It was planned to put these products in the monthlyReject or Repurchase post. However, I felt that these two can stand alone in their own review.

These are two products that I was sent by M Steves. I received them late, last Summer. However, once you read through my review, you’ll see why I never got around to using them up…at least, right away.

I received the Multi-Benefit Moisturizer and the Ultra-Nourishing Boost…


I’ll start with the Ultra-Nourishing Boost. That this the product on the right in the above photo. It is made from rose-hip seed oil. Rose-hip seed oil doesn’t smell like roses, that’s for sure. I knew that even before I received these products. Rose-hip seed oil is the foundation of these products. And, per my conversation with the creator, M Steves, this is what she created to heal her cystic acne when everything else failed.

Granted, I do not have acne but, she said that it was nourishing for all skin types. When I received it, naturally, I tested it out immediately on the back of my hand. Then I smelled it. That’s where the love left me. I found this difficult to put on my face as the smell reminded me of the linseed oil I used to clean my oil paint brushes. Even though I tried to use it several times on my face, the smell didn’t dissipate. I figured that a skincare product would never smell like that and, surely, I got a bad one.

I called Ms. Steves to tell her. She told me that it isn’t supposed to smell like roses and that some folks do find the smell to be on the strong side. But, she said it was possible that I received one that could have sat on a shipping truck in the heat. So, she sent me another one. Unfortunately, it smelled the same as the first one.

I set the Ultra-Nourishing Boost to the side and never used it again. There’s no way I can get past the repugnant odor. And, it didn’t go away after hours of being on my skin.

There is a recommended way of using the Ultra-Nourishing Boost along with the Multi-Benefit Moisturizer. But, I skipped doing that after day 2 and went straight to using the moisturizer.


This product didn’t have quite enough moisturizing elements to make my skin feel hydrated. This would be a product I’d recommend for someone with slightly to mostly oily skin. I have normal to dry skin. Luckily, this product had a pleasant, light orange fragrance.

I wash my face first thing in the morning and then put on a moisturizer. I used the Multi-Benefit Moisturizer because, after I have a cup of tea, I workout. Then I take a shower. After that, that is when I use my complete skin care routine. In other words, I use that first moisturizer of the day to get me through until I shower. It isn’t one that needs to get me through the entire day.

Thus, after several months, I finally did use up the moisturizer…


The Ultra-Nourishing Boost costs $68. The Multi-Benefit Moisturizer sells for $48.

Setting aside the fact that I found the Ultra-Nourishing Boost to smell terrible, these products would be better suited for someone with oily to oily/normal skin. As for my opinion, these two items are not for me and, I can’t recommend the Ultra-Nourishing Boost as I feel most users would be highly put off by the odor.

Have you tried this brand? Have you used rose hip seed oil?

CeraVe Moisturizers and A Long Story On How I Came To Use Them

I have changed up my skincare routine for the past 6 weeks. When I am not reviewing or testing a skincare product, I use Kiehl’s. That’s my very favorite skincare. However, two things happened to detour me; one, after seeing an advertisement online about CeraVe, I went to their site and ending up getting a $3 off coupon. And, two; I have gone from running on the treadmill to running outdoors now that the weather has turned warmer.

cerave crop 1


If I step WAY back to the beginning of my introduction to CeraVe, it would be attending a Women’s Show when I lived in Virginia. Walgreen’s had a booth and I received samples for both the AM and PM moisturizing lotions by CeraVe. I didn’t use them right away because I was taken back by the high SPF number and, my past experience was that those types of lotions smelled weird and didn’t absorb well into the skin. Eventually, I tried out the samples and my past prejudices faded.

CeraVe doesn’t have a weird smell, in fact, there’s barely any smell to it at all. And, these lotions truly did moisturize my skin. I used a coupon that I picked up at the Walgreen’s booth and purchased the AM lotion with SPF 30. I moved to Florida and used this whenever I knew I’d be outside for an extended period of time. Then I started running and wanted something that was sweat proof. I purchased the CeraVe Sunscreen with SPF 50.

Jump forward again and, I now live in Colorado. I noticed that the back of my hands were starting to get dark spots. Oh, no!!! I read that folks that do a lot of driving expose their hands to lots of sunlight and the windshield doesn’t give enough protection. Since I had moved on to using Kiehl’s, the CeraVe AM lotion was moved to the console of my car. I applied it to the back of my hands every time for a drive.

Now you’re caught up! I got the new coupon and went to purchase CeraVe’s Sunscreen SPF 50 for outside activities. I couldn’t find it and just figured they had eliminated it so, I picked up the PM lotion instead. As I browsed, I discovered that the CeraVe Sunscreen was in with all the sun products and not inline with the rest of the CeraVe. So, I ended up with both because, it was buy one CeraVe, get the other one 1/2 off and, I had a coupon! Win/win!

This is the AM lotion…

cerave 16


I’m a little over half way done with this. This moisturizer might be a bit too heavy for those that have super oily skin. However, I’d recommend no less than an SPF 30 for every day use…please! Even if it’s not this brand.

cerave 18


Since I already had the AM lotion for some time, I don’t have the box with the list of full ingredients…


cerave 17

When I go out for my morning run, I use the SPF 50…

cerave crop 5

cerave 4

cerave crop 2

cerave crop 4This one is oil-free and water (sweat) resistant. I put it on my arms, neck, ears and exposed parts of my chest as well. This product will change your mind about using a zinc lotion; I love it! Best of all, no funky weird smell!! It says light-weight but, I wouldn’t use that description. It does absorbs in easily…

cerave 7 cerave 8 cerave 9

New to the Vanity fold is CeraVe PM lotion…

cerave 12 cerave 10 cerave 11


This has a lighter formula than the other two. Nary an odor but my skin feels super smooth using this lotion…

cerave 15


The AM and PM lotions have a pump dispenser…

cerave 14



Phew! If you made it this far, I bet you can tell that I love these three CeraVe products. I will admit that I got a couple of pimples when I first started using all three, 6 weeks ago. I don’t know which one would be the cause or, if it was just a fluke. My skin has adjusted just fine, either way.

As I mentioned, I picked these up at Walgreen’s or you can find them at large mass merchandisers and Ulta. CeraVe’s website is currently showing a $2 off coupon and, you can read more about their products as well. I think I’ll get that coupon and try their new eye cream.


Which CeraVe product have you used? Did you like it?






Freeman Beauty: Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Mask

Using a facial mask and kicking back for a few minutes is about as close as I can get to feeling like I’m at a spa while at home. I make the simple threat request to be left alone for a few minutes while I enjoy a moment resting and letting the facial mask do its thing. It’s a good time to do some meditating.

One particular mask I have enjoyed using has been Freeman Beauty’s Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Mask…




This Dead Sea Mineral mask doesn’t really have any anti-stress in it, though. I had to ‘add’ that ingredient myself! Nevertheless, I enjoyed using this mask and love the effects afterwards. Plus, as I have found with all Freeman Beauty products I have tried, there are good ingredients already in the product…


When I see the following ingredients listed, I KNOW this is a mask that is going to do some serious work on my pores: Bentonite (clay), Kaolin and Algae Extract. These guys help pull out the impurities, aka blackheads and stuff, right out of the pores. This mask is going to get hard and feel tight or, like it is pulling on your skin. But, only in the nicest of ways!

There’s also a touch of lavender and forms of menthol that make this mask smell relaxing (there’s the anti-stress ingredients, for real!) and cool to the skin…



Also a plus, Freeman Beauty doesn’t test on animals and is made in the USA…


So, I can start off feeling a bit stressed, frazzled or irritated…


And, after laying down on the bed for 10 to 15 minutes, letting the Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals mask do its work, thinking happy and peaceful thoughts…


When I give my face a good wash and rinse, afterwards, I can easily wind down my evening knowing that my face is clean and ready to take on tomorrow.

I purchased this product from the Freeman Beauty website.

Can you believe how teal this mask is!! Which do you prefer, clay masks or the moist kind?

Reviva Labs: 3-Step Layering System Using Nasolabial Fold Multi-Peptide Cream

I had the opportunity, from Reviva Labs, to revamp my entire skin care routine. A regimen of three Reviva Labs products, layered in a particular order, has made a change, for the better, for my skin.

Here are the three products I used…

haul swatches eotd 019In the order that I used them, first was the Hyaluronic Acid Serum ($22)…

haul swatches eotd 020 haul swatches eotd 021

I am beginning to see some sun spots appear on my face, joining the fine lines and even some wrinkles that have crept onto my countenance. What Hyaluronic Acid Serum does is counter all of those things. This serum instructs the skin cells to hold in more moisture which, in a short time, softens the lines and wrinkles and plumps up the skin…

haul swatches eotd 022Think of Hyaluronic Acid Serum as the booster-pack to your moisturizer. It preps the skin to hold in the most moisture it possibly can.

Following the Hyaluronic Acid Serum, I used 5% Glycolic Acid Night/Day Cream ($25)…

haul swatches eotd 023 haul swatches eotd 025 haul swatches eotd 024

This cream directs the skin to turn over, or exfoliate, quicker. When this happens, the skin stays soft, radiate and healthy. As we age, our skin slows down this process. 5% Glycolic Acid Night/Day Cream keeps the skin acting younger by allowing the turn over of skin cells to happen quicker. And check out the ingredients; you know what all of those things are! I never felt any stinging or discomfort using this cream and, none with the other two.

haul swatches eotd 026 haul swatches eotd 027I applied this Night/Day Cream just at night for a week before adding it to my morning routine. This is powerful stuff and I wanted to take every advantage of using it properly. I used this cream not only on my face (I did avoid the area right under my eyes) but also down my neckline too. My skin was showing results of being softer and firmer before I even moved to using it during the day.

The third and last product I used was the brand-new to the Reviva Labs family products; Nasolabial Fold Multi-Peptide Cream ($49) . First thing I noticed was that a little goes a long ways…

haul swatches eotd 029 haul swatches eotd 028

Upon first touch of this cream, you will know that you have before you a product of quality…

haul swatches eotd 032 haul swatches eotd 033


As per the instructions, I applied the Nasolabial Fold Multi-Peptide Cream along the deep lines by my mouth and down to the area where my chin and cheeks meet. As we age, our skin starts to sag in these areas (alas). While not claiming to remove these deep lines, peptides are little molecules that help plump up cells and allow them to hold in moisture. As a bonus, my skin felt extremely soft. Even the next morning, I noticed that my face still felt soft without a bit of dryness to it, which it tends to do after 8 hours of sleeping.

haul swatches eotd 031 haul swatches eotd 030

After 8 days of using all three products, I noticed that any dry patches on my face were eliminated. My foundation sat on my face completely smooth. And, unlike some products that are made to make the skin firmer and more plump, these three Reviva Labs products made my skin softer with no tight-feeling sensation.

Reviva Labs suggests that when you use their Nasolabial Fold Multi-Peptide Cream that you do it with three-step layering regimen. To find out which products work best for your needs, I suggest you review the information at their website here. That’s where I did my research to pick which two products would work best for me, along with the Nasolabial Fold Multi-Peptide Cream.

I have tried many Reviva Labs products and every single time they have proven to live up to their claims, provide me with quality products and, results that I see in just a short time.


These products were provided to me for my honest review. All comments and opinions are my own.




Walgreen’s Studio 35 Beauty Warming Facial Mask

Even though we have had plenty of snow, here in Colorado, I’m still playing the moisture ‘catch-up’ game with my skin. I know this is just how it will be as I age. But, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to give up the fight! I’m more diligent than ever, especially during the Winter.

I have been searching out masks that help moisturize my skin while exfoliating the dead cells. Creating that turnover of skin cells is vital to keeping lines and wrinkles away as well as keeping my skin glowing.

Studio 35 Beauty is Walgreens line of beauty products. I found this Warming Mask and wanted to give it a go…



This season, I have been cold! So what better way to warm up than with putting on a warming mask. However, I have to say, I’m very disappointed that I didn’t feel any warming sensation with Studio 35 Beauty’s mask. All is not lost, though. It still left my skin feeling soft and moist.

Here are a list of the ingredients…


Again, I find that I have gravitated to another product that has orange and/or Vitamin C in it. Vitamin C has been quite the buzz for skin care for several years. I don’t see it slacking. I wasn’t expecting to see so many other natural ingredients in this mask but gosh, there are lots of them!!!

And, if I didn’t feel satisfied with the results, Walgreens was giving me a 100% guarantee…


For just a couple of dollars, I felt I was going to be OK. And, I was! This mask was very refreshing. Since it was a gel mask, it didn’t get hard or draw in on my skin like clay masks do. I left it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it away. I actually set my timer app and go relax on my bed when I do a mask. I take advantage of having the luxury of being able to make it a spa-like treatment.

The product had a slight tint to it, the first time I used it and, just the slightest bit of a fragrance…


I put on a little at a time as this gel was rather runny. And, I was able to get two treatments out of this one envelope…


One thing that I didn’t think of was to squeeze the envelope and churn up the contents before opening it and applying it. The second time I used this mask, it wasn’t clear like the first usage. This could have had something to do with why I never felt any warming sensation.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the process and after washing the mask off, my skin felt extremely smooth and moisturized. I followed up with my regular night time skin care and noticed how smooth my skin felt.

I bought this mask for $1.75 last month. I don’t know if they are discontinuing it and, I hope not because I would certainly purchase this warming mask again.

Have you tried a warming mask?

ZMask: Anti-Wrinkle Face and Eye Masks

Occasionally, I get opportunities to review items that I think my readers would enjoy and would like to learn about. I have been focusing quite a bit on skin care in my own, personal life over the past year as I’m wanting to do what I can to keep my lovely, smooth complexion. Even though that’s said wryly, I am having a birthday this month and truthfully, my peak has already past. Now I’m just holding back the signs of time as best as I can afford.

Over the past 6 weeks, I have been testing out ZMask. I had never heard of this product before but with buzz phrases like:

  • Made with natural seaweed extracts
  • Paraben-, fragrance-, and mineral oil-free
  • Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles,  smooth skin, and improve skin elasticity

I was very interested…



The box has a lot of info on it itself…

DSCF0235 DSCF0240 DSCF0238


I couldn’t find a number at to a total number of people that gave these percentages however, it’s a starting place for me to look for those results, hopefully, myself.

This is the Complete ZMask System…

DSCF0239 DSCF0242 DSCF0243


This has 12 full face masks, 12 under eye masks and a bottle of the Instant Youth Potion.

The brochure that came in the kit had lots of information about the ingredients of the products but, it didn’t have any info on how or when to wear the Instant Youth Potion. I’ll speak more on that in a moment.

Even though the instructions state that the masks can be used up to 3 times a week, I did one mask per week along with using the eye masks later on that same week. Don’t be scared, it’s just me working on my wrinkles!…



I have used paper masks in the past and I think they are really neat. They are not messy like liquid masks. One week I did this while I was in the middle of experiencing a migraine. I don’t know what possessed me to do this with a headache but the cooling sensation of the mask felt really good! I will have to remember this!

Each mask has instructions on it on how to use it but really, it’s a no-brainer. Here’s for the full mask…



And, for the eye masks…




The masks do not become dry. They stay moist during the time you have them on. Once the time is up, you just peel off the paper mask, throw it away and gently rub in the residue. Here’s what I thought about the residue; it was cooling, as I mentioned. Once I rubbed it in and it dried, my skin was so smooth. It did feel a bit tight which was more of a plumped up feeling rather than a dried skin tight feeling. I did follow up a few times with the Instant Youth Potion…

DSCF0246 DSCF0247 DSCF0248


The potion didn’t lessen the tight sensation. It didn’t really add to it but I figured out, on my own, that the potion is meant to plump up the skin as well. So, in retrospect, I would use the potion as part of my morning skin ritual. I did this for 4 days straight and I found that I didn’t care for that tightening sensation. Mostly, I believe that I am not accustomed to that sensation.

I will say that even with the skin-tightening, I visibly saw that my skin was smoother. After each type of mask, my crow’s feet wrinkles around my eyes was lessened. I didn’t notice any changes with the wrinkles I have on my forehead.

My box of masks doesn’t look like the box advertised on the ZMask website. I notice from the copyright date, 2010, that maybe I received an older product. Also, my box calls the product ‘Zephyranthe’. I suspect they renamed it ZMask just because it’s easier to remember and customers relate better to brands they can pronounce.

Overall, I found the masks to be soothing to my psyche as well as to my skin. There wasn’t a detectable odor, I didn’t get any irritation and my skin did feel hydrated and nourished.

Have you heard of ZMask before? Do you prefer paper masks over liquids?


Freeman Skin Care: Dead Sea Minerals Mask and Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask

As part of a regular skin care ritual, you should do a deep cleaning mask and scrubs. It really depends on what type of skin you have as to how often you do a mask and use scrubs, though. There are plenty of how-tos in beauty blog land, so that’s a good place to start and then tweek it as you see fit for your skin.

My skin has become drier over the past 5 years but it has become very dry since moving from humid Florida to arid Colorado. So, the skin care routine I had just 2 years ago isn’t moisturizing enough for my skin. Also, I find that I need to use a scrub more often to keep my pores clean and my skin from being flakey. Masks are done less often but, I follow up with lots of moisturizing because they will dry my skin out too much.

Here are a couple of new products I have added to my twice a month mask and twice a week scrub routine…



Both products are made by Freeman, which make lots of different skin care masks, scrubs, foot scrubs, foot lotions and more. I got these two at Albertsons grocery but they are sold at Walgreens, CVS, Big Lots, and many other mass, grocery and drug stores.

If you don’t know it, your skin is your largest organ. It protects your insides, regulates your temperature, is waterproof so we don’t get too soggy or too dry and, is a protective barrier against harmful pathogens.  Your skin tries to be self-managing but, it doesn’t always do a good enough job. Putting on makeup, our hormones and the aging process can put skin into a tailspin. Thus, the creation of an entire giant industry of taking care of this organ called our skin.

Most facial masks are drying. They are meant to soak up the excess oil and whisk away the environmental toxins that your skin protects your insides from. If you are like me, I still want to remove the old oil and dirt from my face but, have to keep it all in balance with moisturizers because my skin doesn’t make enough.

Freeman’s ‘Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Mask’ works at absorbing oils and removing grime from my face …




As we get older, most of us find that our pores get larger. Since they are larger, we should be more conscious of cleaning those crevices out! Dead Sea minerals are very good at sucking up the excess oil and grabbing ahold of toxins so we can wash them away. At the same time, the Dead Sea minerals can soothe and nourish the skin…



This mask is thick and it works hard! I just smear some on my face and neck, wait about 10 to 15 minutes and then wash it away. This mask is a very pretty color…



After washing off the mask, I put on my night time moisturizer and enjoy soft, silky skin. As I mentioned, I do a mask such as this only twice a month. Anything more than that and I end up way too dry.

But with scrubs, I will use them about twice a week. Anything more and I will aggravate my face and end up with contact dermatitis which hurts! Freeman has a scrub that is a mask as well…


DSCF0270 DSCF0273


The ‘Charcoal and Black Sugar Polishing Mask’ doesn’t dry up hard like the Dead Sea Minerals mask does. The Polishing Mask stays soft. Per the instructions, you leave it on your face for 7 minutes and then gently scrub to remove dirt and dead skin cells…

DSCF0279 DSCF0282


This scrub has a more moisturizing feel to it but it is not short on making my skin feel smooth as silk. Nevertheless, I still follow up with a moisturizer after a scrub.

My preference is to do masks at night after I wash my face. My night time moisturizer is much heavier than my daytime one so, it feels better for my skin to do the mask at that time. Plus, I’m not rushing around like I do in the morning, getting ready for work; I can enjoy the process. With most scrubs, however, I do them in the morning when I am in the shower. With Freeman’s ‘Charcoal and Black Sugar Scrub’, I slather it one right before I brush my teeth, then when I’m done, I run the shower and by the time I get in, the 7 minutes have passed and I can scrub away on my face. Oh, and I use my skin care products all the way down my neck too. If you do this, you will THANK me when you get into your late 40’s and into the 50’s!!!!

Albertson’s had these on sale 2 for $7. That’s what prompted me to give them a try. Neither one of them have a remarkable scent. They both work exactly as stated on their tubes. The Vanity recommends these both for our beautiful skin care needs and, the price is right!

Have you tried any Freeman products before? I know I have a couple of beauty blogger friends that love Freeman products.

From Sample to Sell: L’Oreal’s Miracle Blur

I’m not alone, am I, with loving the small samples of skin care products that come in beauty magazines? Since becoming a beauty blogger, I don’t just try them out and say ‘well, that’s nice’. I check it out as a research project. Really!

I went ahead and bought L’Oreal’s Revitalift Miracle Blur after using the sample…

Mega swatch day 133After reading the ad and then experiencing the sample, I was motivated to purchase Miracle Blur. Here are some of the reasons I found Miracle Blur to be of interest…

Mega swatch day 137We are working with an SPF 30 here. That’s my minimum level. I really wish I would have been more concerned about using an SPF when I was younger. But, I don’t think it was discovered yet!! Next reason…

Mega swatch day 134It says ‘erases the look’, it doesn’t hide it or cover it. The light-reflecting properties divert the light from the areas you apply this. Also note, it doesn’t say that it moisturizes the skin. You still need a moisturizer.

Here’s some info from the back as well as the ingredients…

Mega swatch day 135Even though those chemicals are hard to pronounce, they do work as a sunscreen. Do keep in mind that many of these ingredients can cause skin irritations more readily than other skin moisturizers. I suggest making your purchase of Miracle Blur at a store that allows returns so you don’t waste any money.

The texture of this product is…different. It’s one that is difficult to explain. The closest I can come to explaining it is that it reminds me of the left-over goo from the lotion dispenser’s tip. You know how it’s not smooth but just a bit sticky? Miracle Blur is close to that…

Mega swatch day 139But, it rubs in very smoothly…

Mega swatch day 141It has a bit of ‘slip’ to it and I found that my mineral foundation stayed in place very well. When I used a liquid foundation, it blended very smoothly. And on a few occasions, I wore the Miracle Blur alone. That’s rare and usually a day when I’m staying in. But, it is still important that I put an SPF on my skin. Especially since I am enjoying sitting outside in the evening facing West.

Have you tried Miracle Blur? Do you look forward to using the skin care samples from magazines?

Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica Eye Cream; A Real Keeper For My Peepers

I got to be a part of Kiehl’s New Store Grand Opening last year at the Mall at Millenia, Orlando, FL. One of the great products I received was the Rosa Arctica Eye Cream. Fans, this is the bomb!

kiehls icing mani ugly face 002I have been using eye creams for at least 20 years. And I have tried a lot of different ones in those 2 decades. So, when I can say that this is a fantastic eye cream, I’m not kidding around!…

kiehls icing mani ugly face 004Keihl’s packaging theme is like an old-time apothecary. I’m very intrigued by that. And, at the same time drawn to the science of it. It isn’t necessary to google information on Rosa Artica either. It’s right on the box…

kiehls icing mani ugly face 006So, this is what Keihl’s claims for this product but, what are the ingredients? That’s what I want to know!…

kiehls icing mani ugly face 008Well, now I will need to do some googling because I really don’t know what all of these ingredients are. However, I do recommend that if you have sensitive skin, you give these ingredients a go-over. I have fairly behaving skin so I went ahead and tried it out…

kiehls icing mani ugly face 009

I found Rosa Arctica Eye Cream to be one of the richest and creamiest eye creams I have ever used. This made the skin around my eyes very soft and smoothed out, instantly, the fine lines around the outside of my eye area. I have used Kiehl’s for over 4 months. Even with moving to a much drier climate, my eye area continues to feel hydrated, soft and smooth. I have experienced no negative results from using this eye cream.

I’m so confident that Rosa Arctica Eye Cream is perfect for my skin that I can show you a photo of my eye after 4 months of using this product…

kiehls icing mani ugly face 032I do have on eye makeup; mascara, pencil liner and shadow. However, I don’t have any other makeup on my skin. I do have a disclaimer, however. That prominent line, directly under my eye, is a scar from reconstructive surgery I had after a car accident. It is a 30 year old scar and it was directly under my lashes back then. But, as you can see, that is really the only deep line I have. So, for a 51 year old face, this month, I think Kiehl’s is a winner for this face!

This product was provided to me as a promotional item. This is my own, honest opinion.

Reviva Labs: Light Skin Peel

As the weather turns colder, the air can become drier causing the skin to become dry too. Even though I live in a humid part of the U.S., Florida, I have slightly dry skin. If I wasn’t so diligent with my skin care routine, I know it would be a lot worse. One of the steps I take is to do an exfoliation at least once a week.

Reviva’s Light Skin Peel was a new product for me to try out. I have really enjoyed a few other Reviva products in the past and, still continue to use. So I had high hopes in what the Light Skin Peel would do for me…

I find the ingredient list to be very good. See for yourself…

And, there are more positive things about Light Skin Peel…

It seems that Reviva puts the bulk of their efforts into the products rather than overly-hyped-up packaging…

And honestly, I’d rather use a product that does the walk. Let me tell you what the walk is like with Light Skin Peel. It took about three times to get down the timing on this product. I used it two times a week for a month. If I would have followed the directions and paid attention, it would have sunk into my skull that this is a ‘peel’ and not a ‘mask’.

Here’s what the peel looks like in the jar…

The texture of the peel is grainy and gritty but, it feels cool on the skin. The first thing I noted, and is the only negative I have, is that it has a strong, odd smell. It is something like rubbing alcohol. It’s pretty powerful and anyone with a fragrance sensitivity may want to steer clear. It didn’t run me off, it was just an odd smell. But, when I put this on my face, I felt right away that it was different than a mask.

One of the neat things about Reviva’s Peel is that it is for all skin types. Even those with oily skin need to exfoliate and it is something that is helpful in removing the dead skin cells, unblocking pores and even help remove other impurities that our every day environment creates on our skin. Even if you wash your face every day, you may not sloughing off the dead cells to reveal healthier and brighter skin right below that. I know when I exfoliate, I’m increasing the turn-over rate of new skin cells and that will keep my face brighter and tighter. Hey, I want to be fresh-faced!

So, this is how I used it. After I washed my face and patted it dry, I took a healthy scoop of the exfoliate peel and smeared it over my face. This is what it looks like, freshly applied…

And that’s about how thick I put it on. Now, where I was messing up the first few times is that I was leaving it on too long. The directions say 3 to 5 minutes. And putting it on this thick, that is exactly the right time. I was going off and doing something else and leaving it on too long so it dried out totally. So when I sent to rub it off, it was too hard and I would have to moisten a cloth to remove the product. I needed to leave the Peel a little damp so it would roll off my skin. This would make sure I was exfoliating and not just using the product to wash my face. You want to use your fingers to roll it off or a dry cloth to remove it..

After the peel was removed, I splashed water on my face and patted it dry. Then I followed up with my nightly skin treatment and moisturizer. Of course, you don’t have to do this peel at night, however, it worked out best for me to do it right after I washed my face before bed.

Instantly, my skin felt super soft. It felt moisturized and plumb. As we age, our skin becomes less plumb so ‘plumb’ is important!! This product didn’t irritate my skin but rather, left it feeling renewed. Actually, it was an instant difference! So, it was easy to use this a couple times a week because I loved the results.

I am recommending that you do an exfoliating peel at least 2 to 3 times a month. And, I recommend that you should try out Reviva‘s Light Skin Peel.

Reviva can be found at Ulta as well as ordering from them directly online.

This product was provided to me for review. These are my own honest opinions.