Tale of Two Lippies

When I attended a five-day seminar on becoming a makeup artist, there was this one lesson that stood out. We learned that our brain does not sufficiently remember shades. This explains why you purchase pants, thinking they will go well with the shirt you have at home. Then, you get it home and compare and the shades clash.

The color that is the most difficult: red.

The point of the lesson was, that when we did a makeup gig, get the clothing so that a match of the colors could be done correctly.

I’m going to trust that most of my readers know this already. And even though that seminar was over 2 decades ago, here is what happens when I forget…

While trolling the aisles at Walgreens for the new, yet to be found, Wet N Wild collections, I had to have something found this: Black Radiance Illusions Lip Gloss. This shade is ‘Divine Diva.’ It reminded me of this…

Too Faced, Girls Dig Pearls in ‘Pink Bling.’

This is how I found ‘Pink Bling’: My eye went right to ‘Pink Bling’ as I was leaving Ulta. I stopped dead, right there, and like a zombie to brains, went right for it. It was $18 and I was shocked. But, it was sooooo purdy. I went ahead and got it. And I’m sooooo happy I did. I haven’t found it at Ulta since. ‘Pink Bling’ is still on the Too Faced website though. (And it’s gone up 50 cents too!) But, I have mine!!! Precious…

So, yesterday, while at Walgreens, I thought ‘Divine Diva’ would be a good runner-up. And at $2.90, it wasn’t a hard decision.

Yet, when I came home, these two were in no way twins…

Black Radiance, frosty pink iridescent. Too Faced, pink iridescent glitter. Maybe kissing cousins.  ???

“Divine Diva’ comes packaged as most applicator glosses; doe foot…

Here’s the side by side comparison…

Divine Diva’ on the left; ‘Pink Bling’ on the right.

Even though I was looking for a back up for my ‘Pink Bling’, I am coming away with just a different turn of the ‘bling.’
Which one do you like better?
  • So is this why I sometimes purchase a color I already have? My mind doesn't remember it? Divine Diva is still a pretty color, even thought its not an exact match for your Pink Bling!

  • @Peach Well, if you were trying to match or compliment another clothing piece and you don't have it with you. You are just relying on your memory. I have purchased navy shoes thinking they'd go with my navy pants. But I get home and they don't match but clash. I've done the same with purples too.

  • Ohhh this is so interesting! 🙂 It explains a lot!

  • @Vintage Makeup I'm still known for mismatching. I must think I'm smarter than I actually am. :/