Target’s Beauty Bag Samples

It is so reassuring to discover that I am not the only person that loves to get mail. Following some of my favorite people, both on Twitter and on blogs, it is exciting to hear about that cool things they get in the mail.

Here’s what I got today and I’m still jumping up and down…

This cute bag is the Target Beauty Bag. I signed up for it over 2 months ago and this is my second one. Oh, and this point if very important to me; this is all free.

This bag was stuffed, literally, with samples…

Quite an assortment of well-known discount store beauty items.

Here’s what was in it…

At the top, that is a coupon book. I’ll come back to that in a moment. Next is a bottle of Daily Moisturizing Lotion from Aveeno, fragrance free (I use Aveeno face wash so I’m familiar with this brand). A Xela Pack© of Burt’s Bees, Radiance Daily Lotion with an SPF 15 (I have Burt’s Bees Cuticle Butter). Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towelettes, Evening Soothe with chamomile and white tea. This got the Allure’s 2010 Best of Beauty Award (I am familiar with Ponds, but this will be my first time using their product).

How about 3 different brand samples of shampoo and conditioner? First is John Frieda’s Full Body Repair.The sample notes that it ‘weightlessly repairs to restore full style. For damage from frequent heat styling & coloring’ (I have used Frieda’s conditioner for humidity per recommendation from a friend). Next are samples of Garnier’ Fructis Fortifying formulas that are 92% biodegradable (I use many different Garnier products).

And shown after Garnier is, Tresemme’s Naturals Nourishing Moisture formulas. The shampoo is listed as having lower sulfates and the conditioner is silicone free (I have, also, used Tresemme products before).

Next to the Aveeno lotion is L’oreal’s Youth Code, Day/Night Cream. Youth Regenerating Skincare?…oh, sign me up! (I definitely have L’oreal stuff but have never tried this line).

So, let me get back to the coupon book that was included. Yes, I said book. Here’s why…

The front says ‘Save Over $20 Beautiful Bucks.’ There are 17 different coupons. Of course, there are coupons for the very items in this sample bag, and, as well as pages that give you more info on these items.

Then, there are coupons for other products that I actually do use: $1 off Cover Girl; $1 off Neutrogena cosmetics; $1 off Revlon products; $1 off Sally Hansen Nail Care items, and several more brands. All coupons are for $1 or more save for a couple of Pantene and Suave items, which are very inexpensive to begin with.

Compared to a monthly program for samples that might cost up to $10, I find my Target beauty bag gives me what I can readily purchase and get an opportunity to try products from brands I already know.

Oh, and the bag…doesn’t every girly-girl need cute makeup bags?

What do you think about Target’s Beauty Bag?

I took these photos with my new camera. Can you tell the difference?