Thank You for the ‘Please Stand By’ Moment

Are you old enough to remember when television stations would either lose their reception or would go off the air after midnight?  They would have this ‘test pattern’ on the screen or, if they were finished with the shows, play the National Anthem.  This was WAY before cable TV!

If I would have had a photo of that test pattern, I would have had it up on my blog for the past couple of days.  My comment section was messed up.  And all I wanted to do was change templates. :/

Thanks to I got the problem solved for…you guessed it….FIVE BUCKS!!!!

My hubs has been telling me about this site for months.  I like to ‘fix’ stuff myself, when I can.  But this comment thingy was over my head.  Does anyone really know HTML???  Obviously I don’t.  But hey, why would I need to learn it when I can spend a fortune, of $5, to have someone else do the dirty work!!

A very special thank you to my dear followers who took the time to email me a heads up.   It’s very sweet to know that there are some makeup sisters looking out for me. 🙂

Take it from Libby; when life gets you frazzled, NAP!