That Corset Is Going To Get Green If You Don’t Wash It!

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This polish is one of five from the Scandal line I purchased when I went to Orlando Premiere. Not only did I dig the colors but the bottles are f’in’ cute!!!

This is ‘Madeleine Green’. And Madeleine is wearing a bitchin’ corset!

I am just as crazy for the bottle as I am with this lush, lush, lush green!

It doesn’t matter if it is shady window (as above), or outdoor shade (two photos prior) or direct sunlight. This green is dynamite. It is a mossy green with gold and green micro-glitter.

Only downside: it stinks! Girl, you need to wash that skanky corset!!!!

Never mind, we’ll talk about Tide laundry detergent later…

Oh, and this is NO top coat! I did use Wet ‘N Wild’s Base Coat but, Scandal is all on its own, otherwise. Super shiny with just 2 coats.

Snooping around to find out where to purchase these, I found only this place from Australia or New Zealand. There have been a few Aussie bloggers that have reviewed Scandal in the past too. Jacie at You’ve Got Nail, last year, reviewed this brand. I couldn’t even find any on Ebay. So I’m very happy I picked up a few at the Show.

Admit it; you’d get buy something like this because it was in a cute bottle!!