That’s Cherry Blossom Pink Cute

Hello, dear readers!  I’ve been away working on family business however, here’s a pink polish for Wednesday.

Boy, did I wait long enough for Wet ‘N Wild’s Bloom collection to show up.  I was eavesdropping reading a  discussion on this collection, on Twitter, and it was stated that someone saw them at Winn Dixie.  The second store I went to, I found them…

I didn’t get the entire collection, but I did get a couple.  Here’s one that I chose…

This is named ‘Cherry Blossom.’  A soft, demure creme pink.  Cute name, lovely color.

This is 3 coats and it couldn’t be more ‘XOXO’ pink.  I’d wear this for an interview, wedding, work presentation, etc.  There should be no one that would be offended by this color.  I think Duchess Kate wore this color for her wedding!!  😉

That is not tip wear that you see; it’s some shrinkage and some lack of wrapping.  I used China Glaze’s ‘Fast Forward’ top coat to build up a shine.

If you cannot get enough pink (and, who can? I mean, I do have ‘PINK’ in my name) jump over to here and check out the many other nail bloggers that On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Do you like a soft, creme pink?  I think it should be a staple in all nail polish wardrobes, do you?

  • I thought it had been a while since I'd seen a post from you! Great find! A very cute soft creme!

  • Ahhhhhh! Which Winn Dixie, I must has! It is so random to find these collections in Winn Dixie of all places.

  • Wow the blue and the green look fab i wish I could try them 🙂

  • @Peach That creme is pale enough that it did behave for me. It gets brownie points for that. 😉

    @NiftyBa I found it at the Winn Dixie in Casselberry. It's the one that is just South of 436 on 17/92. Do you live here? If so, you need to write me!

    @Ashley Girl, I think you need to start an importing business for makeup and nails. I bet there are a lot of 'island' girls who would be your customers.

  • I live near Fashion Square, but I think I was at that one when I found the Vanite collex (also heard about that one from you!). Is it next to a Goodwill?

  • Anonymous

    I been looking for wet n wild bloom collection at drugstores for awhile now 🙁 -ally