The Evil Step-Mother’s Green Apple

There’s a polish that looks juicy and inviting, however, it’s a little green apple from the evil step-mother…

This is Sinful Color’s ‘Irish Green.’  Yes, it is bright but golly, I have on 4 coats and I am nowhere near getting rid of the VNL!!  Since this is paired up with their ‘Ocean Green’ at Walgreens, maybe it is to help hide the fact that ‘Irish Green’ is watery.

I have Olan Lab’s ‘Quick and Slick’ on as the top coat.  ‘Irish Green’ turned rather matte after it dried.

Hooray!  The lilies in the backyard are blooming!  I will ‘fess right up that I ‘borrowed’ this flower pose from Diana at ‘Painted Lady Fingers.’   When you check out her blog, you’ll see what using nature as props is all about.  Not only does she have a keen eye of nature, but she has a sense of prose that will wrap you right into her world.

As for me…

I can see the possibilities of ‘Irish Green’ but it just didn’t give me what I wanted.

My grandfather had green apple trees.  He’d pick one off for us, cut it in pieces with his pocket knife, salt the pieces and share them with us grandkids.  Those green apples tasted the very best. 🙂

I think before I move on to another mani, I’m going to put ‘Ocean Green’ over this one.
What is your opinion of ‘Irish Green’?