The Interesting and Marvelous World of Zoya’s Faye

Because of the Internet, I have made friends with people I would never have gotten to know in real life.  One of my friends is Fay. I met her through an online fitness group I have been with for over 8 years.

Fay is so amazing.  At 73 (maybe more, I’ve lost track!), she works out at least 5-6 times a week. I’m not talking about going out for just a walk. Fay lifts some heavy weights, makes it through Boot Camp workouts and enjoys doing Pilates on her Pilates machine. She not only inspires me, but all who are a part of our close-knit fitness group.

So, this post is in her honor. This manicure is with Zoya’s ‘Faye’…

Gosh darn, this is a beautiful color! Yet I can’t say whether it’s a golden red-purple or a purple-y gold. I can tell you that it is simply yummy.

The polish looks rosy but it has a more purple tone to it.  I have on Finger Paint’s base coat, 3 coats of ‘Faye’ and topped it off with Color Club’s ‘Eco Chic’ top coat.

This color works so well with my cool tone skin. I can wear this polish for anything. There’s nothing boring at all with ‘Faye’.

In closing, my friend, Fay, is super cool. I’m glad to have ‘met’ her and share our common goal and interest in fitness together.

I found a lot of family and friends’ names with Zoya. They even had my name, even though it was a different spelling.  Does Zoya have your name?