The Kreativ Blogger Award

Isn’t it cool when you meet someone and you just instantly like them? That’s the way it is with kittypolishnbags. I get to chat with her on Twitter and we trade comments on blogs. And with that, I’m so thrilled that she tagged me with this blogger award…

 She’s a sweetie and you should check out her blog. Seriously, it’s very good.

The rule is to share 10 facts about yourself and then tag 10 other bloggers to do the same.
10 things about me that most of you probably don’t know….

1. I’m allergic to milk and milk products. I’m not lactose intolerant, I just get clogged up sinuses. I hate it too because I love cheese, yogurt and ice cream. I don’t drink cow’s milk anymore but the cheese and ice cream have alluded me. 

2. My husband asked me out on our first day via email. We worked together and always chatted when we worked in the same location. (Our company had three locations.) And when we didn’t work that day together, we would email each other about the day’s events. One night I got an email from him and we had even worked in the same office that day. He asked if I would mind taking our conversations away from work. I was floored. We did go out for our first day very shortly after that. 🙂

3. I have had 3 different Toyota Celicas. The first one I totaled big time. I loved that car so much I ended up buying another one. With that car, a deer jumped out in front of me and I totaled that car. I still wanted a Celica so when I got my third one, my Mom freaked out just knowing that things come in threes. I drove that Celica into the ground having it so long. 🙂

4. I loved wearing nail polish when I was a teen, as well. I couldn’t always wear it often because my Dad gets headaches from the fumes of the polish and even more so from the polish remover. I would have to do my nails outside if I wanted to wear any.

5. I lived in Nashville, TN for 4-1/2 years after being stranded there. I worked as a mobile photographer for a guy who owned ‘Glamour with Panache.’ I did a 3 week gig for him in Denver and Colorado Springs. He already owed me back pay but said he’d pay me that and pay me well for coming out and doing the Colorado gig. I got out there and he did pay me the back pay. However, he never paid me the $8K he owed me from the $28K I made for him. I didn’t find this out until I traveled back to Nashville where my work partner was from. There I was; stranded. Even after going to court and winning, he never paid me. Ass hat!

6. I do not like to wear flip flops. Ugh on having something between my toes!

7. My nickname for my husband is ‘Peeps.’ When I ask him something, he will look at me with wide eyes and blink a few times quickly. I started to tease him by saying ‘peep, peep, peep’ when he did that Then I just moved into calling him ‘Peeps’.

8. I’m the oldest of three siblings. I have a younger brother who lives in Denver with his family. And, I have a sister, the baby of us, that lives in Dallas. Oh, and let’s just say ‘Big sisters RULE!’

9. I use to teach nutrition classes. The subject matter was so cool, I ended up getting a doctorate in naturopath sciences. I took various types of classes on nutrition to earn my degree.

10. I love to wear boots. There’s a line in a Stevie Nick’s song that says something to the fact that she wears her boots all year-round. I would too if the weather allowed. I do know I own too many pairs for living in Central Florida.  Boooo! 🙁

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