The Latest Giveway~Southern Magnolia Minerals

One of my favorite companies to do business with is Southern Magnolia Minerals. I have been a customer for over 8 years.

Created and owned by Barb Huffman, she started her business in 2001, which had been a dream of hers since she was a child. She mixes, creates, sorts, fills, packages and ships everything herself, with the help of her husband and daughter. Barb is very passionate about her business and I have yet to find such a caring business owner as her. Barb doesn’t know me personally, but she has taken the time to learn my skin tone and help me pick a foundation color that suits me to a T.

The other favorite item I LOVE from SMM is the ‘Shine Reduction Powder‘ and the ‘Translucent Finishing Veil‘. Barb is a Southern gal and she knows what it takes to keep a nose powdered. Even though I have dry skin, I can still get shiny from the Florida heat. I have my ‘Finishing Veil‘ to the rescue. Literally, I carry a dispensing brush of ‘Finishing Veil’ in my makeup bag and in the console of my car.

Right on the jar, you can read the ingredients. And just like the mineral foundation, it has an SPF 10+. If SPF is not important to you in your skin makeup, you need to rethink that!

Here’s a photo of my latest order…

Besides the ‘Shine Reduction Powder‘ and the ‘Translucent Finishing Veil‘, I purchased a sample of ‘Petal Pink HD Illuminizer‘. It’s an extremely soft, very delicate pink finishing powder that will help perk up a youthful glow on my face. This was a new item for me to try and I love how subtle the illuminizer is. It is not a girly-sleep-over glitter. It’s the ‘yea, I know how to take care of my skin’ glow. (More on the ‘Silk Kiss Glow’ this week.)

Throughout the next week, I’m going to highlight (hee hee…secret pun!) the different products from Southern Minerals Makeup. I want to share with you why I have been a loyal customer to this makeup for 8 years. I want to tell you what products are working for me.

 I went looking for a more affordable product than the ‘brand name’ mineral makeup that I had been using.  I found SMM online and SMM is, hands down, a better product. Not because it has a less expensive price tag than the former, but because it left me with a truly air-brushed effect.

When I placed my most recent order, I asked Barb if she would mind if I reviewed my experience with SMM and the products that I use. Not only did Barb say OK, she wants to treat YOU to the wonderful beauty of SMM.

First, I am going to have a giveaway for a $20 Gift Certificate for Southern Magnolia Minerals. All you need to do is leave a post here with your follower name, your email address and why you want to try Southern Magnolia Minerals.  The drawing will be held on Saturday, 6/11/11 at 8 PM, EST.

Only one entry, please. Sorry about this, but North American followers only.  I will contact the winner by email after the drawing for information to pass onto Barb. Winner needs to respond back in 48 hours.

Next, if you can’t wait to win, and you want to own SMM now, you can get a 25% discount on the SMM site by signing up for the newsletter. If you follow SMM on Facebook, you will receive special offers as well.

I’m excited to share Southern Magnolia Minerals with you. My face rarely leaves home without it!