The Outlet Mall Blues

American Apparel is not a store I frequent.  However, when I found out they carried some very nice nail polishes, it was worth looking into.  

Living in Orlando, FL, there is not only a lot of retail commerce, but also a lot of outlet malls.  The tourists love ’em.  Googling for a local location of American Apparel informed me that there was one at one of the malls I do work at.  Great!  I’ll visit next time I go there, I thought.

Very quickly and I’ll get on with the swatching…Outlet malls used to mean that the products were older and cheaper (sometimes even seconds) than what are found at the regular stores.  Not so at the outlet malls around here.  Blog postings were stating that the polish at American Apparel was $6.  It was the same at the store I visited.  However, they were selling 3 for $15.

Not one to miss a good deal, I picked three colors.  But only on my second visit.  I left the first time in agony from trying to decide which ones I wanted.  It reminded me of the first time I went to buy a cell phone; too many to choose from!  I couldn’t decide!

On the second visit, I quickly snatched three up and fled.  Well, I did pay first. This was the only American Apparel in the city and I didn’t want to get banned from there.  I’d be coming back for more polish!


This is Mount Royal.  It is a blurple.  It’s a blurple creme.  It’s gorgeous.

Shows a bit truer to its color out in the sunlight.  Look at the shine!

Mount Royal went on like butter, for lack of anything clever to compare.  But it’s true.  This formula is heaven.  And I’m only using 2 coats here without even considering a third.  No brush stroke marks, no cuticle puddling, just perfection.

Even though it appears to be tip wear on my thumb’s edge, that’s actually a reflection shine.  I do have the one BC, 2 Seche Clear, 2 coats color, 1 Seche Clear and finally 1 Seche Vite. regime I follow.  Yet, after 1-1/2 days of wear, I did chip off a noticeable chunk on my middle finger.

At $5 a bottle, not a regret.  I will get more.  And I’ll be swatching the other two in the future. Just be warned: Just because it calls itself an outlet mall doesn’t mean the items will be cheaper than what’s found at a regular mall.

Do you like American Apparel polish?  Or, do you have it on your lemming list?  Do you like to shop at outlet malls?