The Perfect Season for ‘Stranger Tides’

I’m stoked to show you this swatch…


A friend gave me the mini OPI set of the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. I love every color in it! This dusty green is named ‘Stranger Tides.’ 

With the usual 3 coats, this murky sage color is beautifully, quietly understated.  Where a pastel can sometimes be a bit ‘young’, a dusty pastel says ‘grown up.’

As a regular reader, you may know that I’m still working on my skills with creme polishes. While many can swatch up a creme like it is…well, cream, I battle to keep the streaks at bay and the thinning patches grounded.


Yet, I canNOT resist ‘Stranger Tides.’ I love this color. I love the statement it makes. There’s no top coat on ‘Stranger Tides.’ I wanted to keep the subdued feeling it had without a bright shine.

I think this has been the best OPI collection this year. Probably only to be outdone by the upcoming ‘Muppets’ collection. In the meantime, this is the PERFECT season to wear ‘Stranger Tides.’

Do you have a favorite shade from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ collection?