The Ugly Series: Part 1, Brace Yourself

This is going to be a daring series. I’d like to review ugly nail polishes. Well, make that ugly in my opinion. And please, don’t hesitate to agree or disagree with me. I like to keep my blog an open forum.

This one, I think, is ugly upon first glance. But when I go to study it, I see some real kewlness.  This is Finger Paint’s ‘Warm He-Art-Ed’…

Yes, I am showing you nicked nails. Well, I said UGLY didn’t I? But really, I didn’t mean for that to be there.

‘Warm He-Art-Ed’ is a greige that has an iridescent sheen to it. It is just not translating to photo. However, let me tell you that the sheen is this polish’s saving grace. I would not have picked it up if it had not been for the sheen.

The last photo give a glimpse of that sheen. I have on 3 coats and a top coat of China Glaze’s ‘Fast Forward Top Coat’. I’ll tell you another saving grace, this polish applied artfully. Not quite a skimpy brush, it was easy to use. And I think almost everyone agrees that Finger Paint bottles are easy to maneuver.

Dear Readers, I am terribly sorry to assault you with a mucked up manicure. I know you read blogs to look at pristine applications and wonderful photos with delightful reviews. I do too. I definitely owe you better work and a redo. Please be forgetting.

Here’s a flower to soften the ugliness…

From my backyard, taken at the same time I photoed ‘Warm He-Art-Ed’.

What do you do with your ugly polishes?

  • i exchanged the ugliest polish i ever bought. haha. i swatched it on 4 fingers and decided i HATED IT and then my mom offered to exchange it for me 😛
    it was gosh's purple heart. blehhhhhh.

  • Ewwww. It's just a non-descript blah color. It looks like it has potential, but just eww. That little iris is pretty!

  • oh dear. It is pretty ugly :/ But I can see how the sheen makes it look just a bit prettier.

  • Ooo I like that one but I am drawn to ugly shades. This is going on my to-buy list.

  • I like the color (I see some irridescence… pretty!) I just don't think I'd want it on my nails….

  • Not so crazy about this one. It's not terrible, but I think I'd rather use this one for details in nail art than a full-on application.


  • @rebecca Sounds like you had a great opportunity and took advantage of it. Good girl!

    @Megan If the pinkish shimmer would have shown up in the photos I think you might have given it a better rating. I know I would. I'm determined to give this one another try; better mani and better photo lighting.

    @Varnish Me Up That's the best word for it: potential

    @KrisInPhilly You'll have to do an ugly theme yorself. But you'll have to call them 'Uglies I Love.' :p

    @Sam OK, I understand. Where would you like it? Hmmm…I think bed sheets would actually be pretty. As long as they weren't sateen–ick!

    @Lace You'd do great things with this as nail art. 🙂

  • Haha! Thanks for the flower to soften the ugliness 🙂 I don't think its that bad. It looks pretty in the bottle. Probably not a color I would buy though.

  • @Peach I wish you could see it IRL. It does, seriously, have some redeeming value. I truly am going to give this one another go.

  • uhhh… okay this one… yes. I could see how it could be high fashion on someone with another skin tone, but only ONE so far out of your uglies that I didn't like. for me at least.