The Ugly Series: Part 2, Ugly Betty

Did you watch the series ‘Ugly Betty’? I only did once. However, it reminded me of my start as a ‘trimmer’. That’s what the title was of the person who dressed the mannequins and made up the displays of clothing on the walls. I did this for a women’s dress store that isn’t in business any longer but, it was like the dual-sided ‘Dress Barn’ stores.

I started doing this in Orlando and transferred to Memphis. There, I rotated between 5 different stores. One store had 5 mannequins up on a 10 foot high ledge that was only 2-1/2 feet wide! Oh, and it had neon lights ‘waving’ on the wall behind the mannequins. If any part of you touched the light, you’d get a burn. However, what the company REALLLY didn’t want was to have the lights fry out and then have to be replaced.

Look, I took this job because I thought it was glamorous. Gawd, NO! It was terrible. Dressing mannequins is not easy or fun.

A friend, who didn’t work in the retail/fashion business, remarked that I looked like I was having fun dressing the dummies. I must mention, she said this to me as I was wrestling one of the mannequins apart and I wassweating profusely. I promptly set her straight by telling her I had a very ‘close’ relationship with each dummy. Why, yes. I had given each of them names. But, it was all the same name and, it began with the letter ‘B’. And it sure in the hell wasn’t Betty!! And with that, I grabbed the dummy’s boob and wretched her upper torso away from the lower half. Hmpf…Take that ‘Betty!!!’

Thus, my connection, albeit strange, to Ugly Betty.Β  Here’s the manicure version…

Kleancolor’s ‘Holo Orange’. I used 3 coats and a top coat of China Glaze’s ‘Fast Forward Top Coat.’

I guess it’s orange. But it’s a murky orange. I love glitter and I love holographic stuff, but this one tests my loyalty. I’m thinking maybe it would be either one, better for the fall months or two, as a top coat over a tan or brown. It did become mostly opaque with the three coats.

It does seem a light enough color for summer. However, I’m going to let you tell me what you think.

And as far as the ‘Betty’s’; they deserve that rod up their backsides!

  • OMG -I can't imagine dressing mannequins all the time. I remember in my Fashion Merchandise class I had to design and make a window display. I purposely picked children clothes because the mannequins were much smaller.

  • @Forever '92 Ahhh, you are a wise one, grasshopper. πŸ™‚

  • Hilarious story! Reminds me of the people dressing the mannequin window displays at school. (I go to fashion school, but not for fashion, for beauty marketing!)
    and oh boy that color ain't cute.

  • Am I seeing a trend in the colors you think are ugly? Beigey, goldish colors? I don't think this one is too bad! And you crack me up! I couldn't even imagine dressing mannequins!

  • I personally always thought dressing them isn't as easy as what people usually think. πŸ™‚ I can picture myself struggling woth one right now!

  • @Olivia I like to conceptualize but I don't like the 'doing' that much with fashion.

    @Peach You are so onto me. I thought about that too. So, I got another color coming up.

    @kittypolishnbags Another friend was laughing at me when I was trying to fasten the jeans on a mannequin. I was like 'What??' She said that my face was down in the crotch trying to zip it up. Oh, Lordy….

  • Wow..!! the way you talk bout that stuff is making me reconsider is i wanna go for fashion tech.!!

  • This one is more of a gold/yellow/orange glitter and it would look great on another skin tone. But believe it or not beige/golds are some of my FAVORITE POLISHES! You slay me! πŸ™‚ how about I buy all of your uglies from you?! lol at least this one for sure! I don't know where to buy kleancolor- any suggestions? I can't really buy polishes right now but I can dream, right?! imho this polish is really great!