The Ugly Series: Part 5, Just Plain Ol’ Orange

This is the last installment of The Uglies.  I’m having a hard time going through my stash finding anything that blatantly is ugly. Even those shades I have chosen to move out of my comfort zone are not out and out ugly. I should have saved that franken I made a month or two ago. Now, that was ugly.

This one is more of a meh…

than an ugly…

I dare say this is more scary than ugly.  Eeps!

Here is Love & Beauty’s ‘Orange’.  Just ‘Orange’. And, almost as exciting as its name…

Three coats with a top coat of China Glaze’s ‘Fast Forward Top Coat’. I did a review of Revlon’s ‘Copper Penny’ and it is very similar. And I wasn’t bowled over by that one either. ‘Orange’ is a burnt orange hue. It does look brighter in the sunlight, however.


 It did have good coverage and it was uber shiny. It’s just a bit ugly and is not my favorite color. If it was a lighter shade, it might be a great one for the beach and sandal-wearing. Neither, I’m apt to be doing.

What do you think about copper polishes? Is it one you’d wear?

  • Are you kidding?!?!?! That is a FLAT OUT GORGEOUS COLOR! I think it just depends on skin tone but BAM!! WOWZA!! That's a sexy shade! I can't believe it made it to your uglies :\ To each her own I suppose but I think its a keeper for sure! <3

  • I love this color! But that other picture is scary! I would agree that finding a truly ugly color in my collection would be hard. But some of my frankens are definitely ugly!

  • I like your “Ugly series” 🙂

  • I think it's a pretty color. Not my favorite but not ugly either!

  • @Tara You look at colors and see the beauty of art. 🙂 I probably will love the color come Nov.

    @Peach I have a whole new respect for making frankens!

    @Binara Thank you very much!

    @kittypolishnbags I agree. Maybe I should have called it the 'I'm Not So Keen On These' series. Hmmm…now there's an idea!! 😉

  • I think it's more of a pedi color than a mani color, but it's not bad. Not like that pic that looks like it came from the People of WM. *sigh* I have one that I think is totally ugly…I should send it to you because I doubt I'll be using it any time soon. Or ever.