The Usual Treatment; Not the Usual Color

What is the color of sunshine? Maybe the same color as L’oreal’s ‘Yellow Seahorse’?

Great Shades of Sunshine, this is an in-your-face yellow! Pow!

Because this is a jelly polish, it is thick compared to regular lacquers. I took this polish with me to the nail salon. And, the technician (is that title even appropriate/correct?) opened the bottle and promptly ran off to put some nail polish remover in it to thin it out!!!  HORRORS!!!  I did yell out ‘NO!’ but in a milder manner. Well, not so mild. Not mild.

I then took it upon myself to educate the polish applier (nope, that doesn’t sound good either) that it is SUPPOSE to be like that. It is a jelly! Nope, he never heard of that before. I did find that disturbing.

I think you can only get two coats out of nail salons, so that’s what is here. There is even a bit more of a VNL IRL than it shows here. However, I really did expect that. What I didn’t expect was the sparkle that is in ‘Yellow Seahorse’ to NOT show up. Gosh, it has a very pretty sparkle to it too.

I didn’t take a super macro of the polish to show the sparkle but take it from me; it’s lovely.  This had a great shine without the top coat but then the work I get at from the nail salon worker (I think that’s a good fit) is pretty consistent: base coat (however, I am finding that this step is getting dropped), 2 color coats and a base coat, over to the dryers, out ya go!

Here’s a photo of a real yellow seahorse. I can sort of see the inspiration, how about you?

  • Such a cute and fun color for summer ^^

    Klem Christine ♥

  • I just went back and snagged this the other day, and two more yellows! I've always liked them. I can't believe she was going to put polish remover in it! Gah. They're SUPPOSED to know things like that.

  • all my jellies are the same consistency as other polishes! i would probably also have thinned it. (but not with remover of course!)

  • I am curious as to whether this leaves stained nails when removed. It looks like a pretty yellow.

  • @Christine Thank you!

    @Nicole I can't wait to see your yellow manis. 🙂
    I'm losing more and more faith with the expertise of nail techs. I even question their schooling. I went to nail tech school in '90 and we knew better then!

    @rebecca I'm not sure I'd thin mine, but then, that's just me. If someone is in a hurry, I don't think jellies are the way to go. I'm taking it that you do have success using a polish thinner, then?

    @DesertNails8 I have not gotten any stain from the yellows I have used. I have used a base coat, as with this one, and on a Finger Paints did not. Nor did I get any cuticle stains. That's a great big plus in my book!!! 🙂

  • LOL omg that nail “technician” is a trippp!
    -but yes, I own L'oreal Yellow Seahorse also and I'm upset that the shimmer doesn't show on the nail it is soooo gorgeous in the bottle ^_^