There’s Gold In Them There Toes

There’s always going to be sparkles and glitter and twinkles in makeup during the Holidays.  It’s an international law.  I’ve never been cited.

Today I played with some Holiday colors and glitters. On my finger nails, that’s a sneak peek for the next posting.

First, we have a tale of two golds.  Not meant to be twins.  Surely from the same gold mine, though.  China Glaze’s ‘Midnight Kiss’ is from their current holiday collection.  And the second China Glaze, ‘Medallion,’ which their site lists as a ‘Specialty.’

‘Midnight Kiss’ is a shimmery, buffed gold.  It reminds me of one of the gold colors from Black Hills gold jewelry.  Only took 2 coats to be opaque but not terribly dense.  ‘Medallion’ is an in your face, gold glitter with a bit of iridescent glitter as well.  Can you see that red Sally’s clearance sticker on the ‘Medallion’ bottle?  $4, clearance.

I wanted to swatch as many Holiday colors as I can get in for the next 30 days so I did a pedicure using both of these golds.

Inside light, then outside light.  Here’s what I did.  I alternated each nail with the two colors.  So the big toe on the left foot, it’s ‘Midnight Kiss.’  The big toe on the right foot starts off with ‘Medallion.’

I did two coats of each.  Just one top coat of Seche Clear.  The last photo gives a better representation of the two golds side by side.  ‘Medallion’ may show up again on the blog as an overlay.  But doesn’t the ‘Midnight Kiss’ seem regal?  I like the muted color.  This would be a color I’d love to wear to a Winter evening wedding.

Oh, and I’ve been to the Black Hills.  It’s a beautiful area. 

Which do you like the best; ‘Medallion’ or ‘Midnight Kiss’?