This Just In…..China Glaze Metallic Crackles

Who says being nice to your Sally’s Manager doesn’t pay off? She called me today to say the China Glaze metallic crackles had just arrived.

Here they are…

Captured in the light of a hot, Florida evening.

Each one is just as pretty as the other…

Latticed Lilac, Haute Metal, Cracked Medallion

Tarnished Gold, Platinum Pieces, Oxidized Aqua

Do you see a favorite? I have no idea which one I want to try out first for a full mani. I think I’ll skittle my pink Cheeky Monkey mani that I have on already.

EDIT:  I couldn’t wait to show you…

‘Latticed Lilac’ over Cheeky Monkey’s ‘Man Chaser.’

  • I love the aqua!

  • Wowza! I like the gold! GOLD!

  • That was so nice of her!

  • MissMidnightBlue

    I'm loving the Haute Metal and Oxidized Aqua! 🙂

  • The way it crackles look so clean! I LIKE!

  • Well my jaw dropped when I saw these. I want them ALL. For favorite I'll go with Oxidized Aqua.

  • Wow I want all of them so bad. I will be looking on ebay. 🙂

  • envious mode…..I will have some of them somehow.

  • @toesthattwinkle I do too, and I don't consider myself an aqua lover.

    @kittypolishnbags When I first saw that gold, I thought it looked like a dupe for Sally Hansen's. But, side by side, SH is much lighter in color. I'll have to do a comparison post on that! It cracks up good!

    @Jackie She is very nice! She must know I'm an easy sell. 😉

    @MissMidnight A little pink, a little blue. 😉

    @Ida Pie I'm looking forward to playing with these. Looks like Aqua is becoming a fav here.

    @Ashley I don't think you'll have any problems finding them on ebay. I just hope you can find them at a price that doesn't gouge you. 🙁

    @cheannetoday I love your name! I don't think you'll regret getting them. Maybe you can get one or two to start?

  • I NEED!!!

  • @JeeZ You do need!!