Three More Shadow Palettes from Profusion Cosmetics

Walgreens has been putting out their Christmas items and that means the makeup/beauty sets too. I mentioned, previously, seeing makeup sets on the top, upper shelving on this post. Now, I’m seeing the items dropped down, at eye level and on the promo endcaps and modulars too.

I reviewed 3 compacts of shadows by Profusion Cosmetics on this post. I also mentioned that there were 3 other color sets that I found on their website. So, when they brought down the display, I found that in the back row, they actually did have the three missing compacts. This made me a happy shopper.

The missing 3 from the entire set of 6. Bronze, blue and pink (yeaaah!).

The bronze set has such cool shades…

These are swatches of all the colors, from left to right in the compact, and then top to bottom on my hand. The vertical stripe I did on my hand is a .swipe of all of them together.  The top white looks very sheer. But I can load it on pretty good on my brow bone. These are all shimmery and luckily, I love shimmer!

Iz got the blues…

I switched the order of the shades here in unison. Both are left to right with the horizontal stripe on my hand one of blending them all together. (It’s bad enough to have age spots cropping up on my hands but the bumps are really bugging me…grrrr!)

And here are the pinks…

The hand swatching does not represent the pinks well at all. They are not rusty or orange colors. Maybe there is a lot of blue in them and my camera didn’t pick it up??? The horizontal stripe on my hand is with all the shades together. As the colors in the palettes themselves shows up more accurate, I couldn’t help but take a photo once I finished swatching. I have no idea why that photo fascinates me.

I have been using the shadows, all 6 of them, for about a week. They are very pigmented save for the lightest shades. These shadows, on the bronze and pink, got shiny from my brush strokes. That’s a telltale sign that the shadows are cheaply made. Since I paid only 99 cents for each, this is no surprise. But I just scuff it up with the handle of my shadow brush and that loosens up some to apply.

The investment, not going to break the bank. Pleasure level, happy. What does this create? Cheap makeup porn….here….

Total spent, $6 for 6 palettes with 5 colors each; that makes 30 shades total. Nice stocking stuffers if you have someone who’d like something like this. I’ll consider it one of the many gifts I will get…from myself, of course.