Time to Get Flaky

A prisoner spent years digging a tunnel out of his cell to freedom. Finally, he completed his tunnel and he jumped out. Giddy with excitement, he skipped around yelling ‘I’m Free! I’m Free!’ Unknown to him, he had emerged onto a playground. Upon hearing his cheers for joy a little boy replied ‘So what? I’m four!’

OK, groan all you want but you can tell that joke to your grandma!

Reason for the joke: it’s 3/3.

I’m still having some fun with greens for this month. Here’s the next one…

Shiver me Shamrocks!  I read about this one on Noveau Cheap’s blog.  When she likened it to Sally Hansen’s runaway cult favorite, ‘Hidden Treasure,’ there was no stopping that huge lemming!  This is Sinful Color’s ‘Green Ocean.’  If I understand correctly, this isn’t a new shade but, a re-release.  I’m happy with that because, I didn’t know about it the first time around.

I couldn’t wait to try this one out.  I layered it over the manicure I swatched for you, on March 1, ‘Venomous’ by Claire’s.  All by itself, ‘Venomous’ was da bomb!  How dare I think I could make it ‘better’…

You don’t have to agree with me, but I think I did!  Ooh, now that I’m drooling looking at this, I should have done one nail with ‘Hidden Treasure’ to compare.  This is a flaky that I think I have to talk you into having!

I put on 2 coats but 1 would have sufficed…

‘Green Ocean’ loves to play in the sunlight.

Even though I did this look in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I will be revisiting ‘Green Ocean’ again, soon.

I did put Seche Vite on to shine it up a bit. ‘Green Ocean’ tends to dull out after it dries.  Don’t let that stop you from getting a bottle for yourself.  Good gracious, it’s only $1.99 at Walgreen’s!  Interestingly enough, I got 3 bottles…for some reason…or another.  I picked up ‘Irish Green,’ a bright, green creme that was the second half of the Sinful Colors display.

Let me say, loud and very clear, No. Buyer’s. Remorse.

Will you be getting ‘Green Ocean?’  If you say no, I have to know why not!!?  🙂