Tool Tuesday: A Good Nail Brush

 Do you have a good nail brush? You should, as part of your core grooming tools.

 I like mine because it has a concaved side where the bristles are set inward. These are for getting under the nails’ free edge and removing debris.

 The bristles are firm but not to the point that they will tear and tug on the nail or skin.

 As a nail blogger, I change my nail polish a LOT. So my cuticles get dry and bits of polish can wedge into the corners. Also, to remove all film of polish remover so the next polish can adhere well, it has to be removed.

You can get a nail brush at any drugstore or mass merchandiser. I got this one (I have two, actually) from a manicure company that did at-home parties. I googled and couldn’t find anything about them. Lucky for me, these brushes have held up and still work wonderfully.

Do you use a nail brush on a regular basis?