Tool Tuesday: Ear And Nose Trimmer

Tool Tuesday is becoming less and less regular. It’s only because I’m running out of tools to talk about. However, I don’t think it is the end of Tool Tuesday. It will be an intermittent series.

While scratching my head wondering what beauty tool I could talk about, I found this in the vanity drawer I share with my hubs…

Do you know what this is?…

This is a ear and nose trimmer that won’t cut or pull your skin. We use them for removing nose hairs. Yep. No hairy nostrils in this household. And if you think you don’t need one, just think of all those people you think do.

I had this boss that loved to be ‘boss-ly’. She loved to stand over her minions while they hunkered down in their chair. I got a secret delight in that she needed one of these. She thought she was impeccably dressed…except for THAT. I took it as a lesson.

These don’t cost over $10; probably less. I’ve had this one for so long, I don’t remember what I paid. And the AAA battery it takes seems to last for months.  I always use alcohol to wipe it down first and then when finished. Even though I keep mine in a separate divider than my hub’s, he could grab mine instead. I think he uses his more though. I see him using it on his eyebrows. I use mine for the fine hairs around my mouth too.

And, it really doesn’t pull or pinch the skin. So, feel free to remove those pesky hairs from your ears, nose and chin.

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