Tool Tuesday: Stylist Emery Board

Seriously, not all beauty tools have to be expensive. Take, for instance, this humble nail tool…

I don’t even know its’ proper name, but what a handy little booger it is! I get these at Sally’s Beauty Supply. They are only 25 cents too. And I like that there are fun colors to choose from, like pink, green and purple.

It’s a stylist with each end an emery board. I use it to do fine filing on the sides or undersides of my nails. If I get a bit of polish on my skin, next to my nail, I can use this to gently rub it off, after the polish has dried. Some of my nails are bowed at the end. I can use this stylist to file the underneath tip of my nail.

They don’t last near as long as a flat and bigger emery board. However, I have them in my nail kit, handy should I need to file in a small area.

Have you seen these? What else do you use yours for?