Tool Tuesday: Versatility of Wax Paper

Today’s Tool Tuesday item is the humble wax paper. Too simple, eh? But, it works super cool. I didn’t learn this from any blog, though I am sure there are at least seventy-zillion out there that have talked about it. Surely….??

Here’s what I mean…

I use the wax paper and the microfiber cloth in conjunction. I posted about the microfiber cloth here. And here is where I posted about coping with messy mineral makeup. So, the wax paper is something I use to keep things handy and in control.

This is how I have it set up at the Vanity…

I think of this as my artistic palette, in some ways.

If I spill any mineral makeup, I can use the paper to funnel it back into the container. Or, I can tap out a bit of the powder so I have room to swirl my brush into the powder. If I add water to a mineral powder to make an eyeliner or for foiling shadow, the wax paper is my palette.

I can, also, wipe off the gooey end of a mascara wand or take off a bit from the brush of an eyeliner too. I can do this on the microfiber cloth, just as well. However, I like using the paper rather than the cloth for the mascara. It doesn’t pick up wild stringy-things.

I’ve been using wax paper to test nail polish layering before I actually put it on my nails too…

Was paper is a poor woman’s nail wheel. Since wax paper is relatively inexpensive, I can change it out often so that I don’t contaminate my brushes or my mineral makeup. And I don’t have to worry about any of the liquids seeping through and staining my vanity.

Do you have a cool tool you use at your vanity? I’m open to learning some new ideas. Shoot me an email and maybe you can be a guest writer for a Tool Tuesday segment.