Toss or Trash: August 2012

Instead of holding onto my trash, I’m getting it out of here now! I went hunting for stuff to ditch this time too. I have too many cool things that I do use to have some of these losers around.

I knew Bath & Body Works was going to be releasing the Fall candle collection soon, so I was burning candles like mad! And a few of these are from this year’s Fall collection. I’ve just burned them up that fast…

From the left: Mahogany Teakwood (a new one and I will get a larger one); French Baguette (another new one but I didn’t love it all that much); Cinnamon Nut Bread (new and love!); Pumpkin Caramel Latte (I think they had this one last year but, I have already purchased the larger size); Lavender Macaroon (from last year and they only released little candles. I got lots to make up for that).

From last Fall but available again this year: my very favorite, Marshmallow Fireside. I’m replacing this one, definitely.

Still more Bath and Body Works. I could use the Face Scrub as a Sample post but it will do just as well here. I liked this and so did my hubs. It isn’t terribly peppermint-y but the very fine granules are effective and still gentle on the skin. I will replace whenever I get around to it and am not stocking up on the candles. From years ago, and so many I don’t want to think about it, a mini Moonlight Path lotion. Get a load of that bottle! I have replaced this one so many times over. It’s one of my favorites from way back.

You know that Bath and Body Works owns Victoria’s Secret, right? I got this ions ago too. I’m not all that in love with the fragrance, Dream Angels’ Divine, but I loved the sparkles it has. The Molton Brown is a lotion that B&BW used to carry. It’s meant for men but I love fragrances with black or white pepper in them. Since they don’t carry this one anymore, I made it last…and last. This is the last of it. 🙁

I look like a vampire all sparkly wearing this VS lotion…

Two trashes here…

I like this Garnier shampoo. I got it on clearance at Target and I love how it got my hair clean. I got this one because it is meant for dry and color-treated hair. The Julep hand lotion was given to me by a friend…

I can’t say that my hands got brighter from using this but I did like it. The formula wasn’t terribly thick and it had a very nice fragrance. I was using it at night before bed. I think it is rather expensive, since it is coming from Julep. I won’t be replacing it because I feel their prices are too high and they don’t have consistent good customer service.

These Wet ‘n Wild Idol Eyes pencils make me sad. I think they are beautiful colors. But they crease terribly. I’m done with messing with them. These are trash.

I’ve accumulated quite a mascara stash. I’m trashing these two. Here’s why…

This is the wand from Ulta’s Blow Out mascara. You’d think it would be a pretty cool tool. But it doesn’t apply worth a hoot, for me. It was messy and didn’t coat my lashes evenly.

The dual end Kleancolor mascara was a fail. Now it’s trash. Oh, why did you have to fail me, Kleancolor? The black mascara didn’t add volume or length or anything noticeable. But, what I really, really wanted to work was to add those sparkles to my lashes. They did not translate at all. No sparkles, nothing. Bummer.

I bought Ulta’s Extreme Wear Shadow and Eye Liner, in VIP Pink, and it is not doing its job. It creases really fast. And then it has the nerve to just fade away. Trash it is. I have a couple of other colors that I’m going to give a once over this month. So, you could see more trashed ones coming up next month. And these lashes, oh my goodness! I love these! I wore the heck out of them too. I wish I new what brand they were because these are the perfect size and length for me. I have stopped using mascara on my falsies so they last longer too.

This is the only photo that was in focus of this lip liner that is finished. I have had this a long time because I feel this is the perfect color for me. It comes from another old collection from Victoria Jackson Cosmetics.. All the other pieces from the collection are long gone. I just hate to have to let this go.

I did a review on Sephora’s new airbrush brushes. In fact, I raved about them. And since I have a million makeup brushes already, I felt it was fitting to let a few go…

The kabuki brush is from Forever 21. I think I have had it less than 2 years. But, I found a super soft kabuki, like the Sephora airbrush ones, at Icings, so this is leaving the fold. I have 3 fan brushes just like this. I picked this one not to stay. The other brush is the cheapest brush I have. I don’t even use it. That is an easy one to let go.

I feel awesome to be ridding myself of these items. Save for the candles, I haven’t purposely replaced any of the other things.