Toss Or Trash: November 2012

I’m excited!!! I’m getting in my Toss or Trash post well before the middle of the month. This is a good thing!

First, I’d like to explain my topic of Toss or Trash. In a given month, I collect cosmetics (and candles) that I have used up and/or am just getting rid of. A ‘trash’ item is something that is used up and I would purchase it again. A ‘toss’ item is something that I have quit using before it is all gone because I don’t like it or sometimes, because it went bad. As I list each item, I note which one of the categories the item belongs into.

For November, I grouped my items a bit differently. Before, I would group similar items together, such as all candles together or, all skin care items together. This time I grouped the tosses together. I did the same with the trash items. Leave me a comment which works better for you.

I’m grouping all the candles I burned up for November as, I would purchase them again. In fact, Marshmallow Fireside is one of my ultimate favorite fragrances. Fresh Balsam is my Christmas Tree replacement. With this candle burning up on a high bookcase, it is safer than a real tree because of the furry beasts that live with me.

These are products I am tossing…

I’ll start from the left. First is a Eye & Lip Mechanical Jumbo Pencil from Princessa. The shade is Plum and it is a rich berry color. I love the color. But, this pencil bled like crazy and I rarely have lipsticks that bleed. For a buck, I’m not too shook up to toss it. Next is a lip balm from Southern Magnolia Minerals. This is a vanilla mint flavor. It turned on me, just a little, before I finished it so that’s why I’m tossing it. I don’t seem to do well with lip balms as they turn on me very quickly. I did like this one before it went bad though.

Next is Ulta’s trial size of Rejuvenating Bath and Shower Gel. This fragrance is Lavender Woods. I’ll stick with Bath and Body Works. Ulta’s stuff has too weak of a fragrance.

I purchased several Nabi lip liners this summer. However, Lilac Glitter is too hard and it’s difficult to get it on my lips. For a dollar, it isn’t worth the effort.

I have used up just about half of the St. Ives Peel-Off Hydroxy Masque. I don’t feel it was doing a good enough job to keep in the skin care line-up. I have many more masks that I would rather use.

L’Oreal’s Double Extend mascara was a total zero. The black mascara wasn’t even thick enough to make a noticeable difference on my lashes. And, the bronze-y highlighter part didn’t make a difference either. It has sat around long enough at the vanity that it has dried up. No replacing this at all!

Last is an Avon product. This is called Double Play: Liner and Gloss. I’m not able to tell you the name of the color because there is a code stamped right over the name. However, the liner is a dark blue and the gloss is a frosty, very pale blue. The gloss is a terrible color on me. The eyeliner ends up on my brow bone after just an hour. Two fails.

Now, here is the trash…

I am a big fan of Pantene. I don’t buy into that jazz about it building up on my hair. This has never happened to me. I have dry, fine hair and this is my favorite conditioner. It smells clean and leaves my hair incredibly soft and doesn’t flatten out my curls. I had a coupon and had this one replaced before it was even used up.

The last three items for trash…

I’ll start from the right this time. I have mentioned before that I am totally fickle with deodorant. I got this one in the clearance end-cap at Target. It did the job and smelled good. The only negative thing is that the applicator came loose before it was totally used up. I would recommend Degree Girl as well as the same fragrance.

The CVS Detoxifying Cleansing Towelettes dried up on me before I could use them all up. Out of 25, I think there are about 8 left. And I think the opening is a secure one too, so I’m surprised they dried up. I recommend these as they did remove my makeup. However, I would recommend that you use them all up rather than setting them aside and coming back to them at a later time. That’s what happened to me.

Last is a Hana K makeup brush. I cannot tell you how long I had this brush. I know I had it before I moved to Florida, so I have had it at least 4 years. I used it to apply sparkly powders on my face and decollete. I used it well because it is a frayed mess now…

It really looks bad next to Kayla’s silky, soft fur…

She just happened to get up in the window while I was photographing these items. What blogger can pass up a chance to add their pet into the post?

How do you like my grouping this time? Have you given any of these items a try and, what did you think of them?