Toss Or Trash: Pretty Cool When Even The Trash Smells Good

The Toss or Trash series hasn’t been around in a while however, that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been anything tossed or trashed! I’m still working on where to take my blog photographs now that it’s too cold outside. I also, confessingly, haven’t kept up on photographing the used items and then physically throwing them away. Eeewww! Luckily, nothing is rotten or gross.

As a refresher, here’s how the Toss or Trash series works: Toss means I have no intentions of buying that item again. It gets a thumbs down. Trash means I used it up and, would purchase it again. There can be middle of the road too but, I always give my opinion on why it is either Toss or Trash

Look! This one even works to keep odors away!!!…

auto curler swatches 019Let’s just say that my husband has different closet habits than I do. I don’t share my closet with him because of that. But, they both do get air fresheners. I like Renuzit’s Super Odor Killer fragrance, which I always get from his closet. I buy these by the half dozen and use them also in the kitty room too. So, it is easier just to buy the Super Odor Killer fragrance and use it everywhere. I get them at Walmart for a bit less than a dollar. If they have price rollbacks on any, I’ll get them for my closet. However, this rather neutral fragrance works without complaints in my husband’s closet and in the kitty room.

Milani Cosmetics is one of my favorites. They make several different mascaras, and one of my top favorites (that would be Total Lash Cover Mascara), but this one isn’t one of them. I did a review on this one called ‘Runway Lashes’. Oh, it’s Trash….I’m just done with it. And, I do like it…

auto curler swatches 041 auto curler swatches 042Its time to go arrived. I do NOT like spiders and just the thought of the so-called ‘spider leg’ lashes curls my TOES!!! So, there i’\ wass no internal mental struggle about throwing away mascara that is done dried up.

As as mentioned, this one isn’t a favorite mascara but it is a 6 on a scale of 10. There are just so many other mascaras I like better.

If I want my closets to smell fresh you can bet I love fresh-smelling laundry. Bath and Body Works makes my favorite fresh-washed laundry fragrances in a body wash;

auto curler swatches 040‘Sea Island Cotton’ is a core fragrance with Bath and Body Works. I used this one for the first part of last year while I lived with my brother and his family while I transitioned from Orlando to the Denver area. My brother is extremely sensitive to odors so this one was a good choice as it isn’t over-powering. It is also a good crossover fragrance for men since it smells like laundry and not flowery. My husband doesn’t mind using it. This is Trash because I already have a replacement.

I talked about my favorite cuticle oil, Dadi Oil, in a past radio show. You can find the link to that here. My raving comments have not waned at all for this cuticle oil. It’s Trash but I do have one beef with it; it’s hard to come by. It is sold through nail salons and I have found only one that sells it here in Denver. But, she only sells the little sample bottle. This one was the last of my full-size…

auto curler swatches 069And I SWEAR!!! This is NOT real chicken POOP!!!! Not even close!!! I’m having a hard time finding more Chicken Poop, because I want more Chicken Poop for my lips!!! I already reviewed this and told you why…

auto curler swatches 068Seriously, one of the best lip salves I have ever used! It’s Trash and I want a replacement!! Who would have thought Chicken Poop would be so hard to come by. Hmmmm…..

Ah, I feel slightly unburdened getting rid of the used-up beauties. Share with me which ones you have tried before and if you liked them.

  • MyNewestAddiction

    Love the Sea Island Cotton scent! The Chicken Poop sounds terrible, I WANT IT! 😛

    • The Chicken Poop started out as a joke, but THEN….I didn’t expect to fall in love with it!!!

  • FabZilla_Kath

    I like reading posts like these. I love me some BBW for sure. I hoard their body washes!

    • I suspect that you are like me; we have ‘mini’ BBW stores in our own homes. Right? ;P

  • Nidia Doherty

    Chicken poop for the lips? Now I’ve seen everything!

    • There’s an ‘old folk remedy’ that you put chicken poop on your lips and it will keep you from licking them and making them chapped!

  • BeautyJudy

    Oh wow, I love Sea Island Cotton, Mike does like those types of scents too. I love this series, btw!!!

    • Judy, it’s soooooo much easier to buy soaps for husbands that like most of what we do!! I love all the men’s fragrances that BBW has and use them just as much as Harry does.

  • Chicken poop? LOL! I’ll have to look into that!

    • I GOTTA find me some more Chicken Poop!!!

  • I will have to check out Sea Island Cotton!

    • You’ll put it on the top of your list, I just know it.

  • hahahah chicken poop!!!!

    • It’s really called that and I love it! It’s got lavender oil in it so that makes it ‘medicinal’. ;P

  • bahahahah chicken poop. I want it for the name so when people see me putting it on they’re like WTF

    • I got it as a gag gift for a dear friend when I lived in Orlando. I got one too just because. Then, damn, I found that this stuff was really hot shit!!!

  • Yum Sea Island cotton sounds so refreshing.

  • Ange

    hahahaha I SO want chicken poop!

    • I know wish I would have bought a bunch more!

  • Eww chicken poop. LOL.

    • Next time you see Kari, ask her if she still puts chicken poop on her lips. I originally got it for her and bought myself one in the process. I knew she’d appreciate some of Kimberly’s humor. She loved it!

  • Sea island cotton sounds like an amazing soft smelling scent

    • Sort of like comfort food for the nose. 😀

  • Amber

    haha I got that Chicken Poop lip balm for my Mom’s stocking this year!! (We have a running joke about roosters…)
    I found it at Bed Bath and Beyond, and haven’t seen it anywhere else. I need to try that cuticle oil! I’m obsessed with them. 🙂

    • I found mine at The Christmas Tree Shops in Orlando. Your story is cute!!!!!

  • Farryn

    Chcken poop is quite a bizarre name for something you have to put on your lips 😉 but it got great reviews so there must be something they’re doing right!

    • Farryn, you have to go read my original post on it. It’s totally bizarre!!! But, I loved it soooo much. I am going to have to write the company and ask them where I can get some more.

  • marciaf

    Great idea for a post. I do remember reading this before. My DH would like me to toss a lot.

    • I’ve done this series for a couple of years. Normally, it’s a monthly post so I can get rid of a month’s worth of empties, no-go’s and etc. I just haven’t maintained my normal blogging routine in some time.

  • Anastasia

    LOL chicken poop, that’s gotta be one of the best names ever for a beauty product!

    • My niece told me they saw ‘BullSh!’t at a farm store. I think it was some sort of lotion. I was mad at her for not getting it for me. LOL

  • Chicken Poop!!!! LOL …. I also love reading posts like this.

    • Thank you, Sheila! It helps me remember if I want to repurchase or just skip it. I found more Chicken Poop today too! WooT!!!!