Twinkle Toes Show For The Giveaway

I’m hosting a giveaway that ends November 27, Saturday, at 10 PM EST.  Click on over there and enter.  There are some gorgeous glitter polishes in this prize.

Many times when I’m out blowing money  shopping, I am on the lookout for items what would make a fun giveaway.  I was really excited about this one.  And rarely usually I will want one of the items for myself.  This polish was one of them…

The boutique ‘Forever XXI (21)’ has some of the cutest clothes, jewelry and cosmetics.  There are 2 huge stores here in Orlando at malls.  Fortunately, I have clients I visit in both of these malls.  I wonder, sometimes, if having clients in retail establishments is a good idea.  That’s because it tends to GIVE me ideas.

This is where I found all the glitter nail polish for my giveaway.  Forever XXI calls their makeup line ‘love and beauty.’  As you can see on the label, they are not expensive and they are gorgeous.  But, do they perform well?  I did a pedicure to test it out.

This particular one is a medium dark purple base that has iridescent micro glitter in it.  The glitter is so tiny I couldn’t tell, easily, if it was a bunch of different colors or all iridescent.

Here, I have put on 3 coats to get to opaque.  3 coats isn’t too bad.  But the negative was that it did puddle around the cuticle.  I don’t know if it would have done that on my finger nails, but I did use some back strokes to even it out.  Albeit, it’s hard to see in the photos, the glitter is noticeable.   I think the middle photo above shows it the best, however, it shows up very much like what you see in the bottle.

I’m glad I got the purple for myself.  Though, I am sorry it just has the name ‘Dark Purple.’  I hope the winner of the giveaway will not only give these a good home but maybe some come up with a few cute names.

Have you entered the giveaway yet?  Whatcha waitin’ for!!!