Two 32 Piece Eye Palettes By ELF

I don’t stop by Big Lots as often as I did when I first started blogging. Some of it has to do with just not finding anything I really want there. However, right before Christmas, there was a Big Lots that was relocating and everything was 25% off. I got some Christmas wrapping and these…


Even if I ended up with some duplicate elf shades, THE PRICE!!!…


They do look similar however, these are two different palettes…



And, as you know, elf has the good symbols on them…



The Classics is a must have. Maybe I should say it as ‘must have one’. But, no makeup lover can say one neutral palette is enough!…




Both palettes has an assortment of shimmers and mattes. And, they had them in just the right balance, in my opinion.

Most of the time, elf brushes are awesome. This one seems reluctant to cooperate…



Actually, I wouldn’t have named this palette a Bright. These are just purple and browns. But, whatever. I’m still lovin’ them…






And, the Brights palette has a mixture of mattes and shimmers…



I did a few test swatches. I swatched, from the Brights, Β the four shades in the third row down…

DSCF0318 DSCF0319


The black isn’t chalky at all!

And swatches from the Classics; four shades from the third row down…

DSCF0320 DSCF0321


Yes, the bottom swatch is shimmery and creamy and really rich!

By purchasing just these two palettes by elf, I no long need to purchase any more elf shades. I have covered all the basic and necessary shadow colors.

Oh, who am I kidding????? Do you have these? What’s been your latest score from Big Lots?


  • What a nice variety of colors! I love finding random things like this at Big Lots πŸ™‚

    • It is awesome to score like this.

  • I loove big lots. I’ve found some good beauty finds there like the Maybelline color show glitter top coats. I was definitely curious about these palettes because my store still has some left too! Great review!

    • Thank you! I like the blendability of these.

  • TinaBowling

    I haven’t been to Big Lots in a really long time. Great finds!

    • I haven’t been back to one since, though. LOL

  • It looks like the black has great pigmentation!

    • Isn’t that cool when that happens?! LOL! I need to learn why matte blacks, or any blacks for that matter, can be so chalky.

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    For the price, thats a great find!

  • I buy these for my mom when they come out with new ones, they’re her favorite palettes…& she’s a Lancome addict! Palettes that are much bigger are too overwhelming for her. They’re a steal!

    • I ‘almost’ gave these to my 14 year old niece for Christmas. But, I ended up ordering her a set of elf brushes because I think every makeup beginner should have decent brushes.

  • Aleya Bamdad

    Looks like I’ll have to head to Big Lots.

    • I hope you find something as good too.

  • Anastasia

    I only have one of these palettes, and I actually wasn’t very impressed with the pigmentation and staying power. Glad they worked for you, though.

    • I’m sorry your shadows didn’t work out so great for you. That’s such a disappointment. πŸ™

  • I have these palettes and several of the ones from ELF. While I do love elf products, some work for me and some don’t – but I do love the brand regardless πŸ™‚

    • I wonder just how many elf palettes I have. I bet it’s over 15!!! Most of them are great. I don’t have hardly any deadbeat shades.

  • Whenever I go to Big Lots (which is rare) their makeup section is always BLAH, but I do like their bath stuff!!

    • I don’t go out of my way to go there because I have been disappointed way too many times.

  • MyNewestAddiction

    I have managed to snag some good stuff from Big Lots! Great find!

  • Nidia Doherty

    I love the random awesome cosmetic finds at Big Lots. I have a couple of ELF palettes, but I find that I don’t go for them as much. Maybe I’m a snob! lol. I saw a Wayne Goss video about the huge ELF palette he got with some other ELF products, and he really liked it, too. I guess with a primer, they’re pretty good!

    • I missed that Wayne G video! Now that’s a makeup snob!!! (But, rightfully so!)

  • FabZilla_Kath

    Wish we have Big Lots here in Hawaii, I will hoard most likely!

    • Do you have anything like Big Lots there?

      • FabZilla_Kath

        Unfortunately, none. The only discount stores here are Ross,TJMaxx and Nordstrom Rack.

        • I have other blogger friends that have found great things at Nordstrom Rack. I haven’t been fortunate there yet, but I think I’ve only been three different times.

  • What a score! I found some dirt cheap Philosophy products there a while back. They always have great steals.

    • I got in on some of those Philosophy items too. I wish I could remember where I put them!!!

  • myCosmeticBag

    I have one of these palettes, and I use it all the time!

  • kSquaredGlamour

    great score! i dont think i have any of their palettes . I might have to look into trying one out

    • I have scored some on clearance at Target. Also, I have found their palettes at Urban Outfitters.