Two Summer Pedicures

I have a couple of pedicures to show you.  These are fun colors, for me, to do for my toes.

 Before I met my husband, I had a roommate who mostly was fun but had a mean streak too. I did learn a lot from living with her and I miss her friendship.  However, I think many of us have had that friend that flips out and you end up with some of their ‘wrath’ on you.

Anyhoo, one of the cool things she did was paint her toes a funky blue…all the time.  She wasn’t the type to wear nail polish but she loved to jazz up her toes. I started doing it too. Then when the following summer rolled around, I picked a different funky color, aka one I wouldn’t wear on my fingers.  I think that year it was a ‘bug eye green.’  After that came a new and wild color with each summer. 

Up to about 2 or so years ago, I wouldn’t wear outrageous colors for my nails.  Mostly because where I was working needed a ‘professional’ demeanor. But I would do some subdued nail art just to keep myself from being bored.

Now that I work for myself, I’m bustin’ loose!!! Nails, toes, anything goes!

Here is Sally Hansen’s Gunmetal from the Xtreme Wear collection.

The polish was a bit thick, however that’s good for wear on my toes. It dried fast too. The color, besides having a cool name, is a shimmery blue-ish gray, with more blue than gray.  The first photo shows the color very true. The brush on this is thicker than most, and sort of flat. Again, that makes painting my toes easier too.

My toes enjoyed having this color on.

Next, is a China Glaze called ‘Jamaican Out.’

Oh, cute…there’s a fuzzy on the bottle. Hmmm…the joys of having long-haired cats.
 So, this is one of those hit or miss polishes with China Glaze.  Sometimes they are really good and sometimes they just don’t live up to what you expect.  In the bottle, it is such a rich, saucy reddish-orange with flashes of orange in it.
On my toes…

…watered down.  This is with my standard BC, 2 coats of color and a TC (Seche Vite). The color doesn’t come off as bold as I thought it would.  It’s very demure, to me.

Maybe this is the color that would work if I hung out at the pool, working on my tan. I can see that; my toes wouldn’t be distracting to my hot bod shining in the sun.  Haa haa haaa!

Jamaican Out has a thinner consistency and the brush standard size, if not a bit thin. It applied just OK. Maybe if I would have pushed it with three coats I could have gotten the deeper fiery orange that I was expecting.

Occasionally, while painting my toes, I’ll remember those summers with Diane and living just a block from the Chesapeake Bay.  Especially when I choose to wear blue toe polish.

Do you have a favorite color for your toes?  Have had a roommate that went all postal on you? 😉