Urban Decay: Foxy Four-Way Eyeliner Pencil Set

The Urban Decay eyeliners are legendary in their colors and wearability. After 3 years of reading about UD eyeliners being the best EVER, I finally caved in and got this limited release set. It came out last year as a dual-end pencil eyeliner collection named Foxy Four-Way Double Ended Eye Pencil Set…

Mega swatch day 085


Mega swatch day 086 Mega swatch day 088

If these liners were truly waterproof, they were going to stick with me ALL day long. I was ready to put them through the loops.

A set of 4 pencils and 8 dynamic colors. Here are the colors…

Mega swatch day 093 Mega swatch day 096

Starting on the left: Perversion, Deep End, Zero, Sabbath.

And, the other ends…

Mega swatch day 091 Mega swatch day 097


Listing these from the left: Demolition, Muse, Delinquent, Stash.

It really was difficult for me to choose which one to try first. And here’s why…

Mega swatch day 101They are ALL beautiful. And, true to all that I was reading on other beauty blogs, their staying power was as good as the smell of fried fish in the house on Fridays.

I am enjoying using the UD eyeliners and continue to stay in awe of the superior staying power of these shades. Truly, after I tested these on my hand, they were still there until the evening when I washed my face. I had to have washed my hands a half dozen times before then and there wasn’t even a smudge from the eyeliners. Sold? I am!

This holiday season, Urban Decay has out yet another pencil eyeliner set. I haven’t decided if I need it…so far. However, if you’d like to take a look at it, check it out here on Urban Decay’s website. The reason I’m tempted, this new set has FIVE new shades. Ohhhh!!!

I purchased my Urban Decay set at Ulta. However, you can purchase them directly from UD’s website.

What’s your experience with Urban Decay’s eyeliners?