Vichy Laboratoires: Perete Thermale One Step Cleanser

I have TWO full boxes of empties for the Vanity’s Toss or Trash segment that has been on hiatus for like months. It’s not because I don’t have plenty of fodder! This product that I will be reviewing for you today deserves its own special review so it didn’t have to add to the shame that I’m slacking on sharing my Toss or Trash items.

I purchased Vichy Laboratories One Step Cleanser with a coupon many moons ago. It was my first Vichy product to try out. It has, also, been my go-to cleanser when I have not been doing any makeup wipe product testing. First and foremost, I have loved using this product!…

DSCF0066 DSCF0068


Can you tell I squeezed every last drop out of this tube! When I can get a product that does what it promotes to do AND it does more than one job, I will stop complete strangers to tell them they need this product. Not only does it cleanse and tone the skin, but it also removes eye makeup. Yes, it actually did all three jobs…


And, it did it without any parabens. That would be with no unnecessary chemicals. See, it’s my face and I’m well past the classic age so I have to baby this face. Perete Thermale did the babying all for me in one product. And since my skin is moving from being normal to dry to almost completely dry, this cleanser did its work without making my skin feel like a parched sidewalk.

There is just one problem: I used it wrong!


The directions clearly state that you wipe it on with a cotton pad and do not rinse. Well, I screwed that up. I used it like I do almost all other cleansers; I wet my face, rubbed the product thoroughly around my eyes and face and then wiped it all off with a wet microfiber cloth. However, I am lucky. It still worked. And it was with the very last use that I followed the directions. Meh. I liked my way better.

This cleanser sudsed up very well. I felt my skin was completely clean when I was finished and there was absolutely no need to use a toner to wipe away any remaining residue…


It had no distinctive fragrance, didn’t sting my skin and didn’t hurt my eyes either. I think I need to add to the lauds that it really is good for sensitive skin.

While I have a new face wash to test out, I will miss using my Vichy Cleanser. I bought this at Walgreens and the current price is $19.50. While that may seem a bit high for a drugstore facial cleanser, do keep in mind that this one product does three things: cleanse, tone and remove makeup. And, it does it all remarkably well.

If you have tried Vichy’s Perete Thermale One Step Cleanser, how did you like it?


  • I’d probably do like you and rinse it off, too. It seems like a product I’d like.

    • I’m lucky that it still worked with washing it off. And even though I know now that I was doing it wrong, I like the ‘wrong’ way better. Hee hee!

  • Ha ha ha I would so do the same thing. Wash and rinse. I never would have looked at the directions and thought it said otherwise. Good to know. This sounds like a great cleanser. When a product does what it says it’s lIke holy grail status. Lol… great post!

    • I probably read it in the store and then never gave it another look until ready to complete my review here. Do’h!

  • Aleya Bamdad

    Sounds like a great cleanser- and I’ve stopped strangers and told them that they have to buy a product too. Not too often though- one lady thought I was weird.

    • When I was doing merchandising, it was easy to approach people and help them. But as a shopper, yea, they get their guard up real fast. LOL

  • Noelle

    Hahaha I would do the same thing you did! This sounds awesome though 🙂

    • It really is, Noelle! I totally recommend it.

  • I haven’t ever tried this, my skin is super sensitive and gets weirdly dried out in spots. Would you still use it if you were me?

    • I can’t say for someone with super sensitive skin. Take a look at the ingredients photo and see if there are any that you know are not compatible with your skin. I do know that most Walgreens allow for makeup/cosmetic returns if you don’t like the product.

      • Thanks so much! I might give it a shot since their return policy is generous. 🙂

  • It sounds amazing!

    • It was so gentle. I wonder if your sensitive skin would be OK with it.

  • I think I would have used it wrong way, too 😛

    • Are we creatures of habit or what!?

  • I’ve never tried Vichy products – I should grab some at some point!

    • I would definitely recommend it and would replace it if I didn’t already have other products in the lineup to test.

  • Norah Salazar

    When I lived in Europe I used Vichy a lot, it has some nice moisturizers and cleansers.

    • I have tried just a couple of others and I am totally impressed with Vichy!

  • Cindy Ingalls

    This sounds exactly like something my skin would love. My skin has changed with age too and I’m right there with ‘ya sistah!

    • The past year I’ve seen a huge change. But, I did move to a much more arid climate. At least I know to get good info from my beauty blogger friends! (you are one of them!)

  • I love multipurpose cleansers to cut down time

    • They tend to be much more effective, don’t they!

  • Vichy makes some of the best skincare products. Too bad though, it’s not locally available here in my country.

    • That is so frustrating to read about great products and not be able to get them very easily. Sorry. 🙁

  • I havent ever tried Vichy believe it or not! You have me needing to try it now!

    • I think you should put this on your beauty ‘to-do’ list!!

  • Anastasia

    I haven’t tried this cleanser, but I used other products from Purete Thermale line and they worked well for me.

    • I will have to look at the other products in the line. If they are like this, I’m in!

  • FabZilla_Kath

    I like Vichy too but it’s been a while since I repurchased. Sometimes this brand is featured at Hautelook or Gilt so that’s something to watch out for….

    • I bet the prices on Hautelook are good too!

  • I’ve never heard of this brand, but I love the idea that it removes eye makeup thoroughly and painlessly. I’ll keep an eye out on Hautelook for it (Thanks, Kath!)

    • Nidia, you can find it at Walgreens!

  • I don’t recall hearing about this brand before… I may have seen the name but not pay attention at all. This sounds interesting.

    • It’s found in Walgreens here stateside. Maybe the Hautelook deal would work for you when it comes back around.

  • Shelley Polarbelle

    girl, cut the top off and scoop out every last drop!!

  • I don’t think I’ve actually ever tried Vichy. I know of it though.

  • You clearly love that! An empty! That’s like a unicorn in this house.

    • I do have to say that it did take me some time to get through this. But, I loved it the entire time!

  • Betzy Carmona

    I haven’t tried anything from this brand

  • Vichi is a great brand! Glad they sell it at Walgreens now