Warhol’s Poptastic Nail Art

It’s Wednesday. On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink. Pink it is…

It’s a hot and very bright pink from Color Club’s Poptastic collection. They named this one ‘Warhol.’

I have had more comments and compliments from strangers while I have been wearing the colors from the Poptastic collection. These colors are truly attention-getters.

It does look like a smudge on my index finger, but it’s just a reflection.

Do I dare try to make ‘Warhol’ POP (art) even more?

I got this Icing polish called ‘Glamourous’ many months back. It is one of the best holo glitters I own. I wish my car was this color instead of the run-of-the-mill silver.

This reminds me of the disco ball at a restaurant/club in my home town. After 10 PM, they moved the tables off the dance floor and we BOOGIED!!!

Here’s the sad part, even in real life ‘Warhol’ stole the limelight right out of ‘Glamourous.’ ‘Warhol’ is just spectacular and doesn’t need any help.

But in real life, Warhol really wasn’t attractive. His face was taunt before we even started making fun of Joan Rivers…

He’s Got Kenny Rogers’ Eyyyyyyes’ (sung to the song ‘She’s Got Betty Davis’ Eyes‘).

I dig the art, though. 😀