Warm & Fozzie; OPI Touches Your Soft Side

There’s still a giddy feeling about finding the OPI Muppets collection, a month early. Natch, all polishes I had lined up for this weekend got swept aside.

Before I even purchased these bad boys, I knew I was going to swatch this one first: ‘Warm & Fozzie’…

Kind of spell-binding just looking at it trying to figure out how to even describe it.

Starting from the beginning; it’s brown. It has micro-glitter that is orange, yellow, and green iridescent. At least from what I can see. It’s what I call ‘busy’, but in a very, very good way. 🙂

When I swatch the polish on white paper, the base shows up as a grayish taupe. But all of the glitter builds up and you don’t see the base color.

 I cannot lie, I didn’t snap this photo on purpose. However, it does show a good blurred look at the polish.

There are probably dupes out there. I don’t have one. I tried…

One thing I learned when I took makeup artist lessons is, that the mind’s eye isn’t reliable on remembering colors. I thought Icing’s ‘Paparazzi‘ was a bit browner until I got it out and compared the two. But in this comparison shot, you can see how brown ‘Warm & Fozzie’ is next to ‘Paparazzi‘ which is a warm pink.

 This is 2 coats and no top coat. You can see on my index finger that I had a bald spot. I chased it around and got it to look mostly hidden under normal inspection. The polish felt gritty, a bit, but that rarely bugs me. But, other than that, the polish applied OPI perfect.

So, I have a bit of a confession to make. I do love the Muppets. I love Ralph (does anyone remember when he was on the Jimmy Dean Show? Yea, I’m that old!) and Kermit and Beaker. Even the old dudes are funny. However….I do not like Fozzie. (Ducks and runs out of the room before you can throw old banana peels at me!!)