We Got GOSH, By Gosh!

My vocabulary has been forever altered by becoming a beauty blogger. First, I was a noob (a person new to the field; newby). Then I started to get lemmings (something new that everyone wants and then I do to; refers to lemmings who all follow each other in jumping off a cliff; goes against mothers that tell their children ‘if their friends jumped off a bridge, would you?’)

Over the past 2-1/2 years of blogging, I found that I get lemmings for things that are harder to find, rather than the mundane. I think that is part of the allure. Thus, enters the cosmetic company, Gosh. Gosh is from Denmark and that is just about as far away as I can imagine. Then, I discovered that Gosh products could be found in Canada. And, if you had a buddy that lived there and could throw a lot of money into it, you could get some sent to you. I didn’t want to impose on any of my Canadian friends so I just left it at that.

Then there started to be some rumors on the beauty blogs that Gosh cosmetics were in the States. And….that they were at Walgreens! Walgreens??!!! Why there are only 50 of them here in Orlando, surely one of them would get it!

Shortly after reading this my friend, Phyrra, posted on her blog that she had found them at a Walgreens in Tampa. Now, my quest began!

This week, I checked out 3 different Walgreens. None of them had it or, even knew what it was. One Walgreens cosmetic person took the time to lecture me about the divisions of Walgreens districts in the city and why I wouldn’t find this product. She also said that since she had never heard of it, and she reads ALL of her Walgreens emails, that it must be either a mistake I had made or, that it was something the store manager put in the store. I became a Grumpy Cat by her condescending attitude. I promptly left.

Today, I stopped into another Walgreens. Not only was the cosmetic person excited about Gosh products coming, even though she had never heard of them, she was going to help me find out which store had it! She even got the store manager over to help tell me where this newly-renovated Walgreens was and they had just had a Re-Grand Opening. It was a wonderful experience!

I dashed over to the Walgreens that is in Winter Park. It’s in a very rich (old money) and liberal college area, so there is a lot going on in this part of the city. I was so hopeful when I pulled into the parking lot. And when I stepped into this new type of Walgreens, I was transported to a different shopping experience…

It was hard for me to stay focused because there was tons of shinies (things that are sparkly and shine and fascinate the eye; cause to distract you from normal life). The shelves were lit up. The aisles were wide. There was a liquor store attached next door. (Yes, even booze can become a shiny.)

They even have some grab-n-go food like convenient stores…

Then, right on an endcap, as I suspected, I found the Holy Grail (cue the singing angels music)…

Many of the testers were in the wrong place and my merchandiser instinct kicked in as I scanned the display for my booty (hey, that’s what a pirate’s reward, or gold, is!) I must have been rabid about putting everything in order because two people came up to me and asked me a question where something was located. Whenever I’m in a store, people are ALWAYS assuming I work there! I’m getting more than a little peeved about it too. (More Grumpy Cat).

The prices of Gosh cosmetics were higher than I thought they would be. I knew they’d be more than my beloved Wet ‘n Wild and a wee bit more than my coveted Milani. But I left the store dropping $85, which was also due in part to getting a Vichy skincare product (to be reviewed under a sample post in the future). And I wasn’t even close to being wow-ed by the nail polish. For me, it was the liners. Lip liners and eyeliners. They all were testing grandly on the back of my hand!

Here’s what I came away with…

And, I will be doing a full review of them very soon. In the meantime, here are a couple of new skincare lines that I found at this Walgreens store…

Actually, Le Coevent Des Minimes isn’t new to me. I used to get it at TJ Maxx. But I only got the hand and body lotions.

One more…

Nuxe, totally new to me and, worth my investigation. However, that dry oil for the body…$85!!

And, my final new vocabulary word: awesomebalz!! That’s the updated version of YIPPEE!!!

  • NiftyBa

    I. Love. You.

    • I can’t wait to see what you end up with! That’s a beautiful Walgreens, isn’t it? 😀

  • I’m jealous. I think I need time to get my green eyes in check. I’ve been lemming GOSH for ages.

    • Do you think you’ll find Gosh at a Walgreens near you? I’m thinking you are Stateside.

      • Haha yes I am! Blah I doubt it though. I mean…the Walgreens around here aren’t exactly top notch. I’ll be in California for IMATS LA next month though so maybe I’ll check it out there! I’m hoping they will offer it online in the future though.

        • Would Gosh be at IMATS? Maybe you won’t have to track down a Walgreens? I haven’t checked to see if Walgreens has it on their website. However, that WOULD make it nicer for all those that want to get it.

  • MarciaF (beautyinfozone)

    That’s a Walgreens? Wow. I’d love to shop there.

    • Walgreens is a pharmacy store that also sells, foods, beauty items, health items, etc.

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