Wear Pink On Wednesdays And Be Nice

D’oh…I’m off in ‘dramaland’ and not paying attention to the good stuff!  It’s Wednesday and I Wear Pink!!!

So do a bunch of other swell nail bloggers.  Check them out here.

This one is gorgeous…

I, originally, saw the L’oreal display of these at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I posted about it in an ‘I Spy’ segment here.  I ‘had’ to get them. These are the summer-y colors that I adore.

‘Pink Shells’ is beautiful! Sort of a jelly type that has fuchsia shimmers-deluxe. The photos remove some of the blueness of the tone and it is coming out a bit too much like coral. But, trust me, this is not coral!

I have on 3 coats of polish. However, as some other nail bloggers mention about swatches, 2 would have done the trick. 🙂 I’m just so used to doing 3, if I have the time. And I didn’t even bother with a top coat with ‘Pink Shells’. She’s just shiny all by herself.

Here is a close up of the thumb to show that there isn’t any smudges on the nails; that’s all sunlight being caught with the shine.  Here we see a bet truer, fuchsia in the shimmer. Striking, isn’t it?

I guess I show my true non-Floridian self; I don’t wear flip flops and rarely, wear sandals. I think I’ll break out the sandals because ‘Pink Shells’ is MADE for bare toes too.

Do you wear flip flops? Do you have a ‘go-to’ bare toes polish?