Wear Your Mittens! St. Valentine’s Manicure Marathon – Day 4

Day Four…of the Valentine’s Day Manicure Marathon.  But, is this day 4 for your kids to be out of school?  For your grocery store to be closed?  For more snow and ice than you ever want to see in your life again?

Then I dedicate this manicure to you…

Got Mittens?  If not, you might want to try these ‘Merry Mittens’ from the 2010 Christmas collection by Finger Paints.  This was quite a collection because I loved every single one of them.  I did review this firecracker red here.  I’m still gushing over this red too.

A bright red with red sparkles.  My favorite type of red.  A Cupid’s Heart Red.

And, I found, that when I go back and look through my photos, I see one and think ‘did I do that?!’  Look, I’m all for saying ‘hey, I did good’ when you feel that.  So, here’s mine…

Something is just right about the pose, the light, the color showing.  I did good with this photo!

Do you feel OK with saying to others that you did good?  Do you think wearing a hot red nail polish gives you more confidence?

Added Side Note:  Yesterday was Libby’s Birthday.  She turned 7.  (Her litter mate brother, Sebastian shares the day.)  We all go on about our kids and pets and how great, good, smart and beautiful they are.  And we are telling the truth every single time.  I have never, ever regretting getting Libby and Sabbie.  I will always feel loved with them in my life.  Here’s Libby who has been sitting in my lap this entire post, kissing me and purring while I cuddle her between keystrokes.

Libby’s own white mittens…