Wet ‘n Wild Holiday Glitter Cream Shadows

Are you a magpie? I’m a magpie. So, what is a magpie? It’s a bird that is attracted to shiny objects. They like to take it and put it in their nests. If you didn’t know you were a magpie, then you now know!

But, I’m a magpie that does NOT like to be duped. Wet ‘n Wild, you duped me…again…on your cream shadows. Why you torture me so?…

DSCF0028I don’t know how many new Holiday Wet ‘n Wild cream shadows I saw out at Walgreens last week. I didn’t bother to count. I just picked one that I thought was the prettiest of all. I knew the formula hadn’t changed. If it had, I would have read all the hallelujahs from other beauty blogs. What few mentions I found of these are the same that you are going to read here…

DSCF0029‘Glimmer in Your Eye’ is soooo pretty. Damn, I wanted it to really, really work. Check out my macro…

DSCF0031Yes! They are just that glittery to catch my magpie eye. Then came the swatching…

DSCF0037 DSCF0036Nope. Not even a good angle makes up for this. It was totally downhill from then on. I use swabs to swatch and that sucked too…

DSCF0035The cream wouldn’t even stick to the swab. I used my finger to swipe…

DSCF0032That didn’t make a bit of difference. Grrrr….this makes me mad! And I can’t even get the cream to stay on an eyeliner brush to enhance a pencil or gel eyeliner look.

Sadly, I say don’t waste your money. These take too much work even if you try glitter glue for the eyelids. That made even heavier patches of product on my eye. It looked like I fell into some sort of kid’s glitter project.

Buy them if you must because the magpie in you wants the shiny. But, you will probably leave the shiny in the pan which is the only place it looks pretty.

If you were able to get these creams to adhere to your eyelid, please, I BEG you….share!!!!

  • Amber

    oh no, they are so pretty in the pan!! I have to say, Wet n Wild is so inexpensive and most everything from them is great. I guess you can’t win em all!

    • I tried but have learned my lesson. 🙁

  • MyNewestAddiction

    Pretty palette, wish they worked the way you they should!

    • I would have added them all to my collection if they would have performed. I think the positive side is that it saved me some bucks.

  • I know, all kinds of wrong!

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    What a disappointment! They look so pretty in the pan. The “cream” part attracted me, but I’ll pass on these.