Wet ‘N Wild Lipsticks: Great Pick-Me-Ups

Wet ‘n Wild lipsticks are some of my favorites. These shades last and last. Heck, even the price is right! Here are a couple of new acquisitions…

polishes green eye 141As you will see with the swatches, and from the product byline, these are shiny. Sometimes I am in a matte mood; sometimes I’m in a shiny mood. This is one bold shiny red…

polishes green eye 150 polishes green eye 149 polishes green eye 152Wow. Just wow. Of course you’ll feel ‘Fierce’ when you wear this one. No doubt!

However, if you want to tone it down, just a little…

polishes green eye 144 polishes green eye 143 polishes green eye 145Itsy bitsy bits of shimmer are there. ‘Risque’ is a neutral for me. I can wear mauve shades with just about anything.

Check out the opaque coverage of these lipsticks…

polishes green eye 160 polishes green eye 156I hope I put on a good face with ‘Fierce’…polishes green eye 234 polishes green eye 235I have no idea just how many lipsticks, lip liners and, glosses I own. I used to purchase one if I felt blue (OK, now I just buy). There are always 99 cent lipsticks. And you know what? It would work. Way better than the guilt of a DQ Blizzard. ;D I picked these lipsticks up at Rite Aid for around $1 on sale.

Do you like Wet ‘n Wild lipsticks?

  • Amber

    Risque is right up my alley too! I love mauve toned lipsticks! Gotta love wnw for a cheap and non fattening pick me up! 🙂

  • MyNewestAddiction

    I sometimes like Wet n Wild lipsticks. Depends, they all arent made the same. The last few I got were really nicely pigmented. The ones you have look great!

    • That is so true, some are not as smooth. I like them creamy and not feel like I’m using a crayon!