Wet ‘n Wild: My Signature Red Hot Lipstick Look

Of all the red lipsticks I own, and a blue-red being my very, very favorite and, red is the shade I own the most of, I love Wet ‘n Wild’s red lippies the most…


DSCF0222 DSCF0226

You know that question: If you could only have one lipstick color for the rest of your life…or, if you could only have one makeup item, etc. Well, here is my answer…


Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Cherry Frost’ isn’t frosty at all. It’s shimmery. And it is a shimmery blue-red that livens up my face. If I’m in a super hurry, I don’t need any other makeup if I can just get my hands on my red lipstick.

Cherry Frost Lips

This would be my one and only lipstick if I could only have one and, it’s my signature color. Now, more about ‘Cherry Frost’, itself other than my love for the shade; it is super creamy.  It’s creamy and it gliiiiiides on. My lips felt smooth all day with this on. And I only needed to touch up right after lunch. But even then, with a lip primer, this kisser stayed kissed!

I posted several years back about how I come by loving red lipstick genetically. My maternal Grandma wore red lipstick. She had to ‘put her lips on’ anytime we were going to take photos. I put a small blue-red lipstick in a box that was buried with my Grandma’s ashes.

Tell me what your signature lippie is.