Wet ‘n Wild: Silver Lake Eye Shadow Collection

Wet ‘n Wild slipped in under my radar with the new, limited edition Silver Lake collection. I strolled into one of my local Walgreen’s and found this surprise…

Hipster WnW Collection at Wags


I picked up all five of them before I realized I didn’t take a photo! So, I placed them back, snapped a photo and reclaimed my good fortune!

There wasn’t even the slightest bit of hesitation in acquiring all five of these colorful 6-pan palettes…

Hipster WnW collection

As usual, I use a Q-tip to swatch the shadows on my forearm. I have done it over a shadow primer, as well…

Thrift Store Collage 2 Embrace Collage California Roll Collage Vinyl Collage Vegan Collage

Most of these shadows are shimmery. There are a few mattes that are sublime. In Thrift Store Chic, the middle right side is a semi-matte light peach. In Embrace Obscurity, there are two mattes and they are the two middle shadows. California Roll has two mattes, as well, which are the right side shadows in the middle and bottom row. Vinyl Collection has one matte that is in the upper left-hand corner.

There is a slight over-spray of sparkle on some of these shadows and, if you look closely, you can tell which ones they are. (Curses to you, Wet ‘n Wild, for trying to trick us!) Even still, once past the over-spray, the colors are gorgeous and rich. I found Thrift Store Chic to be the lightest in coverage however, I was still able to achieve a bright and vivid eye look with this palette. As usual, there are several shadows that have some fall-out but, I’m able to flick those crumblies away with a whisky makeup brush.

I picked up the Silver Lake collection at Walgreens and I didn’t even bother to wait for a BOGO 1/2 off sale, which they have quite often. There was no way I wanted to miss out on these. Oftentimes, Spring collections are soft pastels which make me look very washed-out. So, you can imagine my joy seeing that Wet ‘n Wild not only surprising me with this collection but also with bold and vivid colors.

Have you found this collection yet?

  • Jennifer

    How do these apply? Are they chalky at all? I love their Comfort Zone palette, but I haven’t had as much luck with their others. Does this line stand out?

    • Jennifer, I can only say they stand out because of the blending of the colors. I didn’t find any of them hard as they all transferred onto the Q-tip very well. Also, the ones that I have actually created an eyelook with did very well in being pigmented. I left the fall-out on my swatches to actually show which ones did have some and, if that bothers you, you most likely will find the majority of these annoying.

      I feel that this collection is about par for how WnW makes their 6-pans. I hope that helps you out.

  • thank you for swatching ! i’ve been waiting for your swatches & review since g from nouveaucheap’s post .

    i think thrift store chic would pair well with the new maybelline color tattoos from the rebel bloom collection .

    i want vinyl collection & california roll as well .

    ––– nicole

    • Hi, Nicole! I canNOT wait to get my hands on the new color tattoos!!! I love using them as base for shadows but, when I’m in a hurry, they work just fine as a great wash of color on my lids. I hope I find those soon too!

  • Heather

    Can you possibly share which Walgreens you found these at? I am in the Orlando area too and it would save me lots of stalking.

    • Oh, sweetie….I moved to Denver 2 years ago. Where does it say I still live in Orlando? I need to change that!

      • Heather

        Well that’s a bummer! I was hoping to find them fast. I read it in your about me section. Can you post a pic of the barcodes? A manager can search for them that way.

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    What great looking brights as well as that beautiful Vinyl collection!

    • As I play with these, I am intermixing them more than I usually do with a WnW collection. I’m not sure why but I’m going to guess it is because I really like so many of the shades in the entire set.

  • Vinyl and Thrift Store are catching my eye! I hope I can find these…and that they release some nail polishes to go with them!

    • I didn’t see any polish but I will be on the lookout for those too!

  • California Roll looks fun!

    • It’s my favorite, right now. I found that it was the first one to catch my eye.

  • Amber

    These are pretty! I’m glad to see some shimmer! Thrift store chic is gorgeous, but I am not sure I can pull off those pink tones.

    • I love to wear pinks with other shades but, I did wear this group together (4 out of the 6) and I liked it. Now, as to what may be the opinion of others, I can’t say. LOL! But, you know I love pink makeup. 😀

  • Anastasia

    I saw these too just the other day! I’m thinking of picking up Vinyl and Valifornia.

    • Those two are my favorite and I have had to make myself NOT use them on a daily basis to give the others a chance.

  • I love that the selection of shades is so different!

    • I totally agree! California Roll made me lunge for it!!! The shades really do make you think of sushi. I am happy to not see the same old pastels.

  • cindyprimebeauty

    I like the blue palette and I never like blues!

    • I am glad they paired it with purples so it isn’t all just BLUE! I did wear a look with these and I did like the mix.

  • Good variety shades. I could never pull off California roll but the colors in that one are nice.

    • You should surprise yourself and get the California Roll! Before becoming a blogger, I would never have touched that one. But, I like it the most because it IS so unique.

  • MyBeautyJunction

    After a neutral overload, I’m loving seeing the pinks, the blues and the greens. Love Thrift Store Chic best!

    • Thrift Store Chic is the softest and lightest in color. All the other are very pigmented. I used Thrift Store first because I am on a pink kick this month. 🙂

  • Argh! I so want to find this collection NOW!

  • Love Embrace Obscurity and California Roll

    • I would LOVE to see what look you’d create with California Roll!!!!! 😀

  • marciaf

    Did you depot these? What a great collection of palettes and for $4 you can’t beat them.

    • I’ve never depotted a shadow before. 🙂 I think they are well worth the few dollars. And, if anyone gives makeup as Easter gifts, I think these would be cute.

  • Wow… I have yet to find this collection in any of my stores… but the shades really are bright. Man, WnW went Spring/Summer Crazy for these shades this year.

    • I was happy to not see super-light pastels. I don’t gravitate to those at all.

  • Woman. THese are all gorgeous. I need to find these.

    • You should see them any time. 🙂

  • Oversprays make me crazy! But I’ll be keeping an eye out for these!

    • I knew it was an overspray so I asked myself if I would be OK if the shade was just a matte. There is sparkle to the shadows that got the overspray but not the larger flakes like in the overspray.

  • Jennifer Innes

    I found these at two different places, Walgreens(only found Vegan Culture) and Rite Aid(found them all but only wanted California Roll and Vinyl Collection)…the two at Rite Aid, put them in a paper bag, which fell(not very far mind you) as I was getting in the car…they both shattered! Ugh…I love WnW because they are so cheap but the packaging…sigh. And they didn’t have a second one of Vinyl Collection, so I only could exchange California Roll. At least it was the more unique one!

  • Kelsey

    I just heard about these – I desperately want the Vinyl Collection one! xD