Wet ‘N Wild’s Pop Art Craze Collection Summer 2013

When I found these, I felt like I had won a lottery!!…

new WnW 002I swung by a Walgreens, just on a lark, and find ’em. All of them! I will show them each individually and close up…like you have them right in your hands…

new WnW 004 new WnW 005 new WnW 006 new WnW 008 new WnW 009 new WnW 010I don’t even have a favorite; they are all cool combos. However, this is the first one I tried: ‘A Regular At The Factory’…

new WnW 019new WnW 022#2 wnw eotd new WnW 060I wore a super bright orange tech shirt that went well with the orange shade.

Today, this is the palette, ‘Three’s A Party’, I went with…

new WnW 023 new WnW 024 bad eye photos 008So, it was the end of the day and I had too much creasing to do a closed lid photo. But, I can tell you that the black matte shade is awesome for a smoky eye.

Here are the others begging me to try them next…

new WnW 041 new WnW 044 ‘Hard Being The It Girl’new WnW 035 new WnW 037 ‘To Muse And Carouse’new WnW 028 new WnW 030‘I’m Seeing Triples’

new WnW 013‘Your 15 Minutes Isn’t Up’. Well, it must have been, because I didn’t take a photo of this palette by itself.

I wish the companies would just forgo these worthless pieces…

new WnW 011Well, maybe just the brush. Two sponge applicators would be OK.

Here’s what I discovered about these new Limited Editions…I like them. I like that they are fresh combos. There are several that are very creamy. And, you may notice that the peachy shade of ‘To Muse And Carouse’ is very, very faint. That is perfect for keeping the tone down. I used a swab to swatch some of these, the sponge applicator for others. I didn’t use any brushes. You’ll notice that there is some fallout. I left it on my swatches so you can see which ones did that for me.

I can make these as subtle or as bold as I want. Save for the peachy shade I mentioned above, they are all totally buildable. It is fun to have ‘fun’ shades. However, this summer has been full of fun shades. More so than I can remember in past summers.

Which ones do you like? Will you get a of them since they are a limited collection?

  • thanks, I really hope I find these near my soon! Did you swatch these over primer or no? I hope they become more pigmented over primer, if not!

    • No primer. Most of my swatches are done primer-less.

  • CreativelyYours

    I don’t even wear eye shadow like that anymore but these colors are amazing!

  • I want them!! I agree I hate those stupid applicators, they end up in the trash!

    • I used the sponge part to swatch but after that, I threw them away.

  • I’ve become such a Wet n Wild devotee, but I’m never fast enough to scoop ’em up! Drats! Thanks for the review. I’m going to now go hunt down several of these. PS. The applicators suck. I use my own brushes and apps.

    • They can be so hard to come by. That’s why I felt like I had won a lottery!

  • MyNewestAddiction

    I need to get to a Walgreens ASAP!

    • You have to! They will go fast.

  • Love the bright colors, I’m sure I’ll have to pick them all up too.

    • If you only want to get just a couple, you will not be able to stop yourself with getting all of them. They are all just too fun to pass us.